Wednesday, 16 April 2014

About Running

Heavy Shorts

It's spring, and once again my shorts feels immensely heavy. In March I did a 5 km race in more than 21 minutes. Two weeks ago I did 2 x SRM in just below 28 minutes, and today I didn't even manage to get my butt below 28 on the two rounds around the lake. This despite of me running as fast as I could. So I'm not exactly at the same place where I was last autumn. Am I stressed by that? Not at all!

Running Only Feed
By the way, before I continue there is some info that I would like to share. Several runners subscribe to my main feed. They subscribe in their feed readers and some also add my feed to their webpages. Yeah, I know because I use FeedBurner. Subscribing to my main feed means that you'll get a great variety of posts. Most not related to running at all. My tech, music, writing or what-have-you-got posts might not be what you're interested in. If you prefer a clean running related stream of posts from Klevstul Chronicles you should subscribe to my running feed. You can also check out this page for overview of all my feeds.

How Come

OK, back to the subject. You might wonder how come I manage to be in such a poor shape now. Only a few months after being as fit as a fiddle, yeah I was really fit as a fiddle. Don't forget that running slower is always possible, no matter how slow you ran. Me running a lot slower now is a result of running less during winter. I simply can't be bothered. Instead I spend time on telemark skiing in deep Japanese powder, travelling, pumping iron, and eating magic mushroom. Not that the latter has slowed me down in any way at all.

A great week, despite I only ran once!

Almost 20 km of running, not bad for being winter!

Running less for longer periods decrease the chance of getting injured. That is one reason why periodising training might give even mediocre runners as myself a better long term result. But equally important to me is avoiding getting fed up. Because that has happened before.

Now What
Now my plan is to start running more often again. 40 km in average would be good. Weekly SRM races, more intervals, more social runs in the forest, little asphalt (running on asphalt is so old school). I don't have any special running goals for the season, except for boycotting all races with licence, and having fun.

What Else

Last but not Least
Do not forget to sign up for Schjong5er'n, with #neiTilLisens as your club name!

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