Saturday, 22 March 2014

Coastal Trail Series Sussex 2014

Race #2 2014 - 21km - 1:48:02 [PB] - Saturday 22nd of March

It doesn't get much nicer than this. Eastbourne in the background (src).

Not the best organised event, and horrible that the organisers started the race 10 minutes before the announced time. It doesn't help with enough toilets, if you're inside taking a dump when the start goes. Me and several other runners were late for the start. Luckily I didn't lose more than maybe a minute, all in all.

Despite of this I want to recommend this trail run. The track itself is a reason enough for visiting. It is the nicest half marathon track I've ever done. It doesn't get much more scenic than this. The track was quite special as well, as we had to climb walls and pass several farm gates along the way.

Although of it not being very well organised, the organisers were very nice. So where the participants. And when people heard we came from Norway just for this race they got surprised; "Really? All the way from Norway?"

Eastbourne, where we stayed, is also a nice little town. Sleepy, this time of year, soon to be crowded with summer tourists, craving for tan.

To view all my photos from this trip, check out this link.

Mr RG and Mr LG, running along the cliffs (src).

Mr Me, minutes before start (src).

26th out of 26th, not too impressive sounding, but I ended up as number 27. All results here. (src)

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  1. Ajaj, det så gøy ut. Ta en lager for meg da. :-)

    1. superkjekt å løpe dette arrangementet. lisensfritt var det også! lager? driver ikke med slikt ((:


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