Saturday, 15 February 2014


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What is real?
What is true?
What is false?
What is distorted?

You don't know!

What you read can not be trusted.
What you hear can not be trusted.
What you see can not be trusted.
What you are told can not be trusted.

Lies and truth, interweaved.
Impossible to separate.

This world is not as you think.
It is larger, and smaller.
You can feel it, deep inside.
But you are afraid to explore.

Vast secrets,
hidden from you.

Your actions are not free.
Your mind is not free.
You are not free.

The Reality!
The System!

The System controls you.
The System is there to break you,
before you break free.

The feeling grows.
You know there is more.
More to the world as you know it.

You cross the line!

You start exploring.
Walking down an ancient path.
A path you were told led to misery.
Knowing that getting caught means the end.

The path reveals mysteries.
Mysteries you never knew existed.
Mysteries you were unable to grasp.

You see connections.
You see energy.
You see love.
You see the World.

You realise,
there is only one thing to do.

You have to fight the System!

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  1. Written under the influence of "ATMOS Classics":


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