Monday, 24 February 2014

Hokkaido Skiing

Japan' second largest island, Hokkaido ^, is the northernmost prefecture ^ of Japan. In winter this means minus degrees and snow. This January visited the island and some of it's ski resorts, with some friends.

Unusual heavy snow in Moiwa ski resort, next to Niseko (src ^).

Feather light powder snow in Kiroro (src ^).

Niseko is known for being one of the snowiest places on this planet, with an yearly average of 15 meters snow (src ^). It seems also to be the best known ski resorts outside Japan. Something that is not too positive, as the resort is crowded with people craving for powder. January might be the busiest time of year, as that is when the Aussies have their summer holiday. There are obviously a lot of Australians that go to Niseko both for skiing and getting wasted, loud and annoying. Something that is confirmed many Internet forums, like ^ and ^. A couple of examples taken from those pages below.

Example one
Great area, but do not visit during Jan, especially early-mid, because there are far too many Aussie high school/uni students. Drunk on the street, verbally harassing bystanders, turning on their boombox in public restaurants during the day are just some of the antics they're involved in. I disagree that we should indulge in their behaviour "just because they're on holiday and we should expect it". I also regret that someone has revealed Anna and Moiwa as quieter spots...I've retreated there for many years and now you've given it away! ;-)

Have found Niseko to be wonderful place otherwise. Recommend going Feb onwards, for reasons stated above.

ref: ^

Example two
To be honest some of the behaviour from a few Australians last night was bloody disgraceful. It was embarrassing.

These were my beefs:
Quite a few people loudly and continually saying f###, c###, etc. etc. I'll have to put a music track over my video to cover it! Something like live version of The Angels "Will I ever see your face again" 
One group pushing really hard to get through to the front. Some of the locals were just staring at these rude gaijin and saying nothing.I told them to take it easy and got a mouthful of abuse. I let it go because the next thing the fight will start.
The last one - and this really angered me, they have calligraphy written and hung up with all the names of the babies born in the last year. Two Aussie girls decided to go over and souvenir some. These are special for the family for **** sake. Of course they would say didn't realise, but just don't do it. The Japanese people walking next to me were absolutely gobsmacked.

Anyway I will say that the vast majority of the crowd were lubed up, happy and having fun. As usual it's just a few dickheads that stand out and reflect badly upon the rest of us.

The Niseko area consists of the connected resorts Niseko Annupuri, Niseko Village, Niseko Grand Hirafu and Niseko Hanazono. When buying a lift ticket the "all mountain" ticket is valid for all these places.

We decided to stay in the Niseko Grand Hirafu area, renting a studio apartment through the non Japanese company Holiday Niseko ^, with space for all eight of us. The apartment was nice, but not at all big enough for all of us. In general Holiday Niseko was quite a slack company. They had not informed us that the apartment was slightly small (they knew very well we were eight people). The were not on time when we arrived, so we had to wait for them outside our rented apartment, in the cold. The gave us six dunas, instead of eight. That is just not the kind of service you expect. Especially not when you pay a very high price for the accommodation.

Snowfall in Niseko during the period I was there (18th to 24th). src ^.

During our period we didn't get as much snow as expected. There are seldom bluebird days in middle of winter, but we had two of them. Not what we wanted. There were far too many people in the area for us getting many good runs in fresh powder, even after the 15 and 20 cm of snowfall on the 22nd and 23rd.

Going out
Didn't go out more than once. I went to the very nice bar, or "Bar Gyu+ ^", that is also called "fridge door bar". Eating out was in general quite disappointing, mainly due to it's high prices, crowded places and many western restaurants. And do stay away from Tamashii Bar, it is the worst bar / restaurant I've been to in Japan.

- Visit Yutaka Takanashi ^'s telemark shop in Gran Hirafu, named Toyru.
- Know about the gate system ^.

Overall Niseko was disappointing. However, with more snow and less people I'm sure it can be pretty sweet.

Resources ^ ^ ^‎ ^

About a one hour bus drive from Niseko you find the Rusutsu ski resort. We didn't have much fresh powder when we were there, so it was not the best skiing experience. However, I do assume it is a good alternative to Niseko on powder days. ^

Overview of Rusutsu ski resort (src ^).

My favourite place was Kiroro. Despite of short runs (which is normal to Hokkaido) skiing there was quite effective. I had the best snow here, and the best overall experience. ^

The best powder day I've ever experienced. In Kiroro with Mr PL and Mr MaEg. It should have been steeper though (src).

For more pictures from my trip check out this link ^.

Saturday, 15 February 2014


src ^

What is real?
What is true?
What is false?
What is distorted?

You don't know!

What you read can not be trusted.
What you hear can not be trusted.
What you see can not be trusted.
What you are told can not be trusted.

Lies and truth, interweaved.
Impossible to separate.

This world is not as you think.
It is larger, and smaller.
You can feel it, deep inside.
But you are afraid to explore.

Vast secrets,
hidden from you.

Your actions are not free.
Your mind is not free.
You are not free.

The Reality!
The System!

The System controls you.
The System is there to break you,
before you break free.

The feeling grows.
You know there is more.
More to the world as you know it.

You cross the line!

You start exploring.
Walking down an ancient path.
A path you were told led to misery.
Knowing that getting caught means the end.

The path reveals mysteries.
Mysteries you never knew existed.
Mysteries you were unable to grasp.

You see connections.
You see energy.
You see love.
You see the World.

You realise,
there is only one thing to do.

You have to fight the System!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Til: Alle kommuner i Norge

Fra 1.1.2014 innførte Norges Friidrettsforbund lisens. Det har vært noe støy rundt denne
lisensen og vi ønsker derfor å informere om hva dette innebærer. Vi sender derfor denne
orienteringen til samtlige kommuner og fylkeskommuner i landet.

Norges Friidrettsforbund har i mange år hatt lisens for utøvere som har konkurrert på bane, i
tillegg har det vært startavgift for løp utenfor bane. På Friidrettstinget våren 2013 ble det vedtatt å
innføre lisens for alle konkurranser i Norges Friidrettsforbund og avvikle ordningen om startavgift
på arrangement utenfor bane.

Dette betyr at alle som konkurrerer i arrangement i regi av norsk friidrett enten må ha årslisens
(kun for medlemmer av lag tilsluttet Friidrettsforbundet) eller engangslisens som løses for hvert
enkelt arrangement. Engangslisensen koster mellom 20-50 kroner avhengig av startkontingenten.
Helårslisensen som gjelder i alle løp koster fra 375 kroner. Ski, sykkel, orientering og triathlon har
en tilsvarende ordning.

Bakgrunnen for å innføre lisens er todelt:

Inntektene fra lisensen skal gå til å styrke aktivitetstilbudet i norsk friidrett på alle nivå, både når
det gjelder aktiviteter for barn og unge, for de aktive friidrettsutøverne og innen mosjonsområdet.

Gjennom lisensen vil samtlige mosjonsløp være ansvarsforsikret, samt at deltagere og
funksjonærer vil være forsikret både i forhold til idrettsskader og uhell/ulykker. Deltagerne vil
være forsikret på ulike nivå ut i fra hvilken type lisens de løser. Alle funksjonærer i arrangement
arrangert av lag tilsluttet Norges Friidrettsforbund vil være forsikret uansett om de er medlem av
laget eller ikke. Arrangørene vil være ansvarsforsikret i forhold til skade overfor tredjepart dersom
det skulle oppstå en hendelse i forbindelse med arrangementet.

Det siste punktet mener vi er viktig for kommunen som anleggseier, enten dette er på ett
idrettsanlegg eller i forbindelse med arrangement som foregår på vei eller annen kommunal

Som kommune vet dere at så lenge arrangementet er i regi av en klubb som er medlem i Norges
Friidrettsforbund vil arrangementet være ivaretatt på en god måte, og dersom det mot
formodning skulle skje en ulykke så er forsikringen ivaretatt av lisensen til Norges Friidrettsforbund.
I tillegg er arrangementer i regi av den frivillige idretten viktig for engasjement i
lokalmiljøet, og et godt aktivitetstilbud for barn, unge og voksne.

Vi oppfordrer kommunen til å prioritere arrangementer i regi av/ eller i samarbeid med lag
tilsluttet Norges Idrettsforbund. Da vil kommunen vite at sikkerhet, konkurransereglement,
forhold til dopingbestemmelse, forsikringer og økonomisk styring er ivaretatt på en god måte. I
tillegg vil inntekter fra slike arrangement gå til å styrke den frivillige idretten i kommunen.

Dersom det er spørsmål til noe rundt lisens ber vi dere kontakte Norges Friidrettsforbund
v/generalsekretær Kjetil Hildeskor.

Med vennlig hilsen
Norges Friidrettsforbund
Svein Arne Hansen