Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Yuzawa Skiing


A Dream For Many Years
A few years back I was crazy about skiing. I spent all my time and money on that activity, and usually had 50 - 70 days in my telemark boots each season. Then, I got fed up (actually, I got married #FAIL ^). Which for me is somewhat typical (getting fed up that is, not getting married). But last year I once more started skiing. It was like being a little kid once again. Anyway, back in the days my biggest dream was to visit Japan to enjoy the world famous powder on telemark skis. Now I have finally done this. One word: EPIC!

From before I had skied at Kusatsu and Sayama. The former with rental alpine skis, and the latter without powder. So I decided to take my telemark skis and leave my Tokyo office ^ for two days for some easily accessible fresh Japanese powder.

A ski resort easy accessible from Tokyo is the Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort ^ at Yuzawa ^ in the Niigata Prefecture ^. Accessing the ski resort ^ is simple, as you can jump on Shinkansen ^ (the Jōetsu Shinkansen ^ to be precise) and get there in no time (around 1.5 hours).

I decided to stay over for one night, so that I would get two days of skiing. I chose the Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa ^ (alt. info ^ , on Google Maps ^), and paid 9500 Yen for a room with my own bathroom (7500 Yen without). A wonderful hotel, authentic Japanese style and great service. Read my review on the hotel's Google Plus page ^. Note: to reach this hotel you should get off the stop before Gala, at the Echigoyuzawa station. They will pick you up at the station. Other places to stay, in and around, can be found here ^.

There are several ski resorts in Gala Yuzawa, the following within 15 minutes drive from Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa: Iwappara ^, Yuzawa Park ^, Kayama Captain Coast ^, Yuzawa Nakazato ^, NASPA Ski Garden ^, Kandatsu Kogen ^, Nunoba, Yuzawa Kogen ^, GALA Yuzawa ^.

The first day I skied at Iwappara, the second day at Gala Yuzawa. Iwappara was good, Gala was great. I'll let the pictures and the moving images tell the rest of the story.

Moving Images

Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa





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