Saturday, 4 January 2014

Surface Pro 2 Review


Or let me correct myself. This is no proper review, there are plenty of reviews to find here ^. But I've been using the Surface Pro 2 ^  for several weeks, as my only machine. I'm using it as a laptop, for which it is brilliant. It doesn't replace my Nexus 7 tablet ^ (I haven't ever used the touch screen on the Surface), but it completely replaces my old Alienware M11x laptop ^. It is small and light hence brilliant for travels. The battery capacity is OK as well. When I want to do more proper work I can easily attach a mouse, external keyboard and an external monitor. The specifications are good enough for everyday work. I am very pleased with this product, I have to say.

Disclaimer: This is no ad. I have not been paid anything to write these words.

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