Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sayama Ski

I can finally check off indoor skiing ^ on my list of things to do before I die. Today I visited the 320 m long and 7 degrees steep (in average) Sayama Ski ^ here in Tokyo. You can hire all the equipment for 4000 yen. But since I'm doing telemark I had to bring my own gear. People did look strange at me, as I walked the 1.5 kilometres from where I live to the closest station, for the train to Seibu-Kyūjō-mae Station ^.

Sayama Ski 2nd of January 2014. A few people on the slope (src).

As the picture above shows, there were a few people other than me in the slopes. It was not my best skiing experience (can you imagine?), however it was a memorable one. Waiting for the lift took 10 - 20 minutes, so I did that only twice. For the rest of the day I walked back up with my skis on the back. After all, it was not that steep nor far to go. Strangely enough I saw no other doing telemark.

A good day for telemark skiing.

No taxis in Tokyo wanted / could transport my skis. Hence I had to walk to the nearest station.

Sayama, here I come...

First day of skiing in 2014. Hopefully it will not be the last.

Slightly crowded...

The first telemark skiier at Sayama?

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