Thursday, 30 January 2014

J-notes #5

Even more personal notes, based on subjective observations, from the land of the rising sun.
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src ^.
Toilet paper
In general the toilet paper is very soft, and easily break. Some paper has also added perfume.

Picture in Picture ^ (PiP) is popular on Japanese television.

Everyone (?) outside Japan know of Sake, but Shōchū ^ is less known. In Japan this drink seems equally (or more?) popular.

While most people don't, some  people slurp a lot while eating food.

Kites and paper planes
People, kids and grown ups, play with kites and paper (wooden?) planes in the parks when the wind is good and they have some time off.

Some people walk or run backwards, as exercise. This seems to be more popular among elder.

You should never leave your chopsticks stranding up from your rice, as this resembles something that you relate to the dead (incense standing).

Japanese cuisine
There are a lot of traditional Japanese dishes ^.

Cleaning the street
People clean the street outside their own home.

There are surveillance cameras everywhere.

Bent knees and bow-leggedness
For girls, walking in high heels with their knees bent is perfectly normal, and must be uncomfortable. Many Japanese girls are bow-legged.

Sleep on train
Sleeping while taking trains is common, and can be very comfortable.

Going for massage in Japan seems equally, or more, popular than going to the hairdresser.

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  1. And the Japanese language is difficult!


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