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Another SoulSailor playlist is ready. Enjoy.

name:   SoulSailor.five
uri:    spotify:user:klevstul:playlist:6MqRghwYrWD2fod2OuZ2Yd
songs:  50
length: 6 hr 17 min

Playlist as of 28th of December 2014:
Asura – V.A.N.T.A.
Asura – Crossroads Limiter
Booka Shade – Love Inc.
Chronos – Soaring in Abyss
Digital Mystery Tour – 010 Seti 101
Digital Mystery Tour – Saute Mouton Syndrome
E-Mantra – Nocturne (DJ Zen's Special Version)
Entheogenic – Pagan Dream Machine - Vibrasphere Remix
Erot – Eclipse (Suduaya Remix)
Frank Wiedemann – Howling - Âme Remix
Galaxy – Everlasting Tone
H.U.V.A. Network – Distances
ID3 – Hummingbird
Kick Bong – Incense
Kick Bong – Live in One Dream 2
Koan – Matariki
Koan – Hanblicheya - Blue Mix
Lab's Cloud – In Deepest
Lab's Cloud – Evolving Natural Forms
Lab's Cloud – Dani's Guitar
Lab's Cloud – Raining Over the Sun
M-Seven – Shift
Maluns – E.S. Presso
Maluns – Electronic Basil
Maluns – Unfolding Reality
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus - Gui Boratto Remix
Metaform – Crush
Ott – Squirrel and Biscuits
Phaeleh – Afterglow
Phutureprimitive – Luminous (feat Alyssa Palmer) - Original Mix
Reasonandu – Peaceful Heart
Shen – Embrace
Shpongle – Dreamcatcher - Original Mix
Side Liner – Every Morning You Are My Faith
SiebZehn – Solar System
SiebZehn – Sacred Communication
SiebZehn – Winter Harmonies
SiebZehn – Fleur De La Nuit
SiebZehn – Endless Reflections
Sleeping Forest – Rise of Nature
Solar Fields – Discovering
Suduaya – Sweetness
The Sundial – Mystical Weather
SYGNALS – Homo Imperceptibilis
Sync24 – Everything will be ok
Sync24 – Memloop
Sync24 – Cryptobiosis
Sync24 – Biota
Terra Nine – No Return (Ott Remix)
Vibrasphere – Erosion

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Dangerous morningsThe Sea of DeathIron Horse.

Sushi with BerntsenTom yum - in pictures.

Epic Privacy BrowserSQRLBitmessage crackdown?Added security 7 : Bitmessage1984 vs 2013Added Security 6 : Secure mail servicesAdded Security 5 : Encrypting emailsAdded Security 4Added Security part 3, BankID - the hackers best friend, The Perfect CandidateAdded Security part 2, Added Security.
earlier i wrote some posts with the title "added security". i wrote about how you, as an end user, could stay more secure online. today i look at true online security as an illusion. that is why i deleted this label. i still believe that you can find useful information regarding security, in posts like "EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools". on the other hand, news articles with titles like "Unngå å bli overvåket på nett" (avoid online surveillance) is very misleading. if the right people wants to keep you under surveillance, you will most likely not be able to avoid it.

considered discontinued:

previous label cleanups:
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Saturday, 6 December 2014


sognvann, a beautiful place, to run or walk (src).

two, one, zero
zero, the number of kilometres i ran last week. the week before the number was one, and two weeks before the number was two. i stated this autumn that i was sick and tired of running. right now i miss it. specially the nice runs in the forest. it's often when you lose something, that you start appreciating what you had.

2014 was completely without any injuries, until skjennungstua opp. that night my left achilles got slightly painful (darn those s-lab sense ultra, in combination with running back down after dinner). next up came hytteplanmila followed by a long, wet and cold sunday run. these runs did not "heal my hurts". every time i ran, my achilles got worse. so i started running less, and less. last week i was down to zero meters. i won't run before my achilles has completely healed. hopefully not too far in the future, otherwise next year's major event will be far fetched. below, a video from the 2013 version of the race i hope to complete next summer.

what else
- i have reached silver iv in cs:go (yeah, more time on my hands).
- listening to astralseeker's psychill Set - dreamachine (more in same genre).
- completed 14 sessions of yoga.
- started climbing with my brothers, as a weekly activity. great fun.
- i have an exhibition coming up in january. yay.
- just realised i have my own page, with my friends at norges friidrettsforbund.

"take the leap" (src).

just found this page, with "utøverstatistikk", from the "old" days.

Monday, 17 November 2014

setting up a mumble server

this is a howto on setting up a mumble chat server (murmurd), on debian linux.

following the mumble installation guide.

- log in as root
klevstul@klevstul:~$ su

- update packages on server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# apt-get update

- install mumble server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# apt-get install mumble-server

- configure : step one
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server

- configure : step two
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# nano /etc/mumble-server.ini

updated parameters:
registerName=RipHard Mumble Server

added parameter:

- restart server
root@klevstul:/home/klevstul# /etc/init.d/mumble-server restart

- login as SuperUser
using Mumble client

- add channels
right click server name > add

- add user as admin (ref)
right click root channel, chose "edit"
click groups
select admin group
type in username, under "members"
click ok

- connect as normal end user
register a new user by creating a new connection, using the client

Saturday, 1 November 2014

the gaming challenge

MoCh - Challenge #18 October 2014 - The Gaming Challenge

me and my amiga. good times!

my life as a gamer
as a kid i loved computer games. actually, that is an understatement. i din't just love playing computer games, i was absolutely mad about it. gaming was one of the most exciting thing i did. i could even read game magazines, and pretended playing the games using my imagination, for hours at a time.

i can not remember what computer game i tried first. it might have been pong, which i played on a tv at a friend's place. or it might have been an arcade game. there was a local place called "mad max", if i remember the name correctly, in sauda where i grew up. they had a brilliant arcade game called gountlet. my problem was that my father, that was a strict man, did not allow me to use my pocket money on gaming. so after i was caught a couple of times, i did not ever again dear to visit "mad max", where i used to buy a kr 5 slush, and spend time trying to get to a new level. i was lucky, and got the mickey and donald pocket game from nintendo, as a christmas gift in 82 or 83. so next to drawing, lego and alpine skiing, gaming was one of my favourite activity as a child.

when one guy in class got a commodore 64, he quickly became the most visited guy at school. he was so popular that there at times where kids lined up outside his home, waiting to come inside and see his computer. only one visitor was given entrance at a time. i remember clearly the first time i got admission. i had to stand outside his house waiting for my turn, in the dark. it was snowing. it was cold. but i did stay put, waiting. after a period that felt like an eternity, per christian opened his window on the second floor. he said my name. finally, i could enter. to me this was bigger than visiting the king, and more than 30 years later i recall this day as it was yesterday. humble and almost shivering of excitement i went inside, carefully took of my winter clothes, and walked up to per christian's room. i bowed to him, that sat in front of the most advanced gaming machine i knew of. the c64 was an incredible invention. i was not allowed to play much myself, so i mainly had to watch per christian playing green beret and rambo. the visit was over far too quickly though. i am not sure if i had to leave to get back in time for supper, or if i was asked to leave. but i know that i could have stayed put in front of the c64 for much, much longer.

later that year, or the next year, another guy in class, terje, got a c64 as well. he was a closer friend, and for numerous of times i watched him typing in "load"*",8,1", before we fought each other in international karate.


i guess my father got slightly bored of me constantly asking to have my own computer. i did not want anything else in my entire life, i told him. and when there was an amiga exhibition in "town", in the year of 1987, it was finally my turn. my father bought me a gift for more than 10.000 kr, which was a crazy amount of money back then. i got my own amiga 500. and what a monster of a gaming machine that was. it was so superior the c64 that is was hard for any kid to imagine. no one at school believed me, as i told them i could type in some text and my computer would say back the words. and no one trusted me when i told about the fantastic imagery and tunes that my machine produced. all the kids, no exception at all, were blown away when they tested out the amiga for themselves. i was the happiest kid in the world, with the amiga 500 in my room, next to my bed.

so being a kid i used to game quite a bit. but since my father introduced quite a strict gaming regime, gaming was mainly a weekend only activity. and only for a few hours. except for when my father came to my room for testing out boulder dash. he and his wife got hooked on that game, and my father played so much that he got such a bad inflammation in his thumb, from using the joystick, that he had to go through with a surgery. i have to admit that i did play more than i was allowed to though, for example, i remember sneaking out of bed let at night, and turning my amiga on. my addiction to gaming was stronger than my fear of getting caught.

along with my amiga came 10 illegally copied games. it was the owner of the computer store that pirated those computer games for me. my father made sure that was a part of the deal when he bought the machine. defender of the crown was one of these 10 first games, and yes i did fall in love with the beautiful pricesses. through out the years, before i sold the amiga around -93, i had games like test drive, the great giana sisters, police quest, kings questspace quest iii, leisure suit larry, the faery tale adventure, kick off, north and south, another world, moonstone, californa games, ports of calls, international karate +, the king of chicago, stunt car racer, hostages, marble madness, golden axe, outrun, beach volley, sim city, double dragon, just to mention a very few of the hundreds of games i had in my collection. not a single of these game were bought legally. my father had introduced me to pirating, and as well connected me with another computer geek in sauda, whom sold illegally copied computer games, for a fraction of the full price. in the 80s, at least is sauda, copying games was the standard.
going away, for holidays, was at times hard. but to make it easier i did record the brilliant amiga music, from the games onto tapes. tapes that i brought with me, and played on my walkman.

after i sold my amiga, i was "gaming free", for a couple of years. but then came the play station. i bought a play station 1 around -96, followed by a play station 2 in 2000. grand theft auto was my favourite ps2 game, other games i do not remember that clearly. for the ps1 i did not buy many games, as i managed to fix the console (bought a chip that i soldered onto the main board) in a way it could play illegally downloaded games. the ps2 was harder to modify. i never bothered, as i at this time had started earning my own money. i was also introduced to one of my first ever pc games in -99, counter strike (called "cs"), which i got hooked on, and played quite a bit for a year, and revisited now and then until 2005. i even made my own maps. in 2007 i got a wii, as a party game console, when friends came over. in the later years though, i have in general i looked at gaming as a complete waste of time, and hence spent no time on the activity.

the challenge
this october i decided to once again visit the world of gaming. just to set it straight, i no longer illegally copy any games. a lot has happened since my youth, and since last i last played. one thing is the development of the games themselves, another thing is how the internet affects gaming. like multiplayer games, massive multiplayer online games (mmog) and platforms like twitch for streaming games to millions of viewers. the gaming industry has grown to become a massive player in the world of economics. it helps that most people today buy their games, instead of copying them, like i did as a kid.

i decided to test out some well known multi player games, listed below. just testing out some games is no real challenge though, so the main challenge for me in october was to try to get a best possible rank in the next version of counter-strike, counter-strike: global offensive (cs:go).

i tested out arma 3, brifly (as seen here). maybe i should have started with dayz instead.
i tested out hawken,  (as seen here). an interesting game, but i prefer cs:go as a fps.
i tested out portal 2, which i reckon is marvellous.
i tested out starcraft ii, but never got into it (as seen here).
but mainly i played cs:go, as summarised below.

the result
to cut it short, i ended up with the second lowest ranking a cs:go player can get, "silver ii", or the "first time touching pc" level, as a reddit user names it. personally i am actually quite satisfied with achieving that rank, since it's possible to be a bit worse.

silver 1 at the bottom, global elite at the top.

on my way to achieve my low rank, i have been called many names, like "fucking noob", "fucking idiot", and below is a video of a german guy that gets slightly annoyed, and yells out "go b your fucking piece of shit" to me, before he tries to get me kicked from the game:

but some times people stopped telling me what to do, after i saved the team, like here:

and other times the atmosphere was far from harsh, and we started singing songs, like here:

the world of gaming is for sure interesting. but the drawback is of course ending up spending too much time in front of the screen, not being very productive. so for november it is time for a more physical demanding challenge.

more challenges
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hytteplanmila 2014

Race #43 2014 - 10 km - 40:26 - Saturday 18th of October

hytteplanmila 2014, a brilliant event. 5 out of 5 on the score card.

i ended up racing, despite for not feeling like it prior to the event. glad i joined though, as hytteplanmila is a brilliant event. perfectly organised, and very social. a big thanks to the organisers!

i hoped that sub 40 was within reach, despite not being in my best shape. after 1 km i understood it would be tough, after 5 km i understood it was far fetched. finished in 40:26, my slowest 10 km at hytteplanmila, ever. far behind my last race there. running little is really paying off. highly recommended for achieving an instant decrease in performance. i am 100% sure that i have not reached my potential though. i know it is possible for me to run much much slower. having said that, just a few years back running 10 km that close to 40 minutes seemed utopian for me. it's easy to forget that just being able to run 10 km, is far from obvious. so after all i should be very satisfied. and 40-something is just a number. too many runners, at least in norway, are too focused on the finish time. that goes for myself as well.

i'll do the last two srm races, then i'm definitively done with the race season 2014. including srm i've already done 43 races this year. not bad, but actually four years since i've done that few races. in general i've lost motivation for racing. i have to give the imbecile licence on running much of the honour for that.

as i have more or less stopped logging my runs, i am not sure how much i've ran lately.  i assume it is as little as 20 - 30 km a week. with the winter coming up i know it might soon be sub 20 km a week. then i more or less have to start from scratch next spring. just the way i like it.

in 2015 i hope there will be a trip to the alps with my brothers. except for that i have absolutely no goals nor plans when it comes to running. i have no idea if i will run even less than this year, or start running more again. i'll do whatever that i feel like, what is fun. only time will show.

and now it can start snowing. a lot! because my skis, and me, are ready for hitting the slopes, and the snowy mountainsides.

after all, these are just numbers.

not even sub 40 up the last hill was within reach this year.

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Idrettsmyten og breddebløffen

Mange ser på idrettstoppene i Norge som pamper, og Norges Idrettsforbund samt enkelte særforbund har blitt sammelignet med  "famileforetak" på Sicilia. Fremgangsmåten rundt OL-søknaden, samt "Lisenssaken" i Norges Friidrettsforbund, har gjort sitt til å forsterke disse inntrykkene. Folk ser at for idrettstoppene så er ikke det viktigste idrettsglede, men penger. Under kan du lese Morgenbladet sin artikkel "Idrettsmyten - Breddebløffen", av Mads Drange.

"I 1997 kunne konsulentfirmaet AT Kearney rapportere at 77 prosent av midlene idretten forvaltet gikk til sentraladministrasjonen, mens kun 5 prosent gikk til idrettslagene der aktiviteten foregikk."

"Det har vært vanskelig å kontrollere idrettens bruk og eventuelt misbruk av offentlige overføringer." Hans B. Skaset

"Idretten har ligget utenfor et samfunnskritisk søkelys. Den har unngått kvalifisert kritisk analyse fra medie- og forskringshold." Hans B. Skaset

Idrettsmyten - Morgenbladet, Årgang 195 nr. 40, 10. - 16. oktober 2014

NB: Alle rettigheter tilhører Morgenbladet.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skjennungstua Opp 2014

Race #40 2014 - 5.7 km - 28:52 - Tuesday 7th of October

For once the sun was nowhere to be seen, prior, during or after this race. (src)

Skjennungstua Opp is one of the best races on my calendar. A brilliant event, that everyone that are able to, should try at least once. Loads of prizes, wonderful food, very social, and a nice track. Specially running down from Skjennungstua after the event can be magical, even in rain. A huge thanks to "Team SRM" for making this possible.

I ran more than a minute slower this year than last. Not sure why, I ran as fast as I could. I always do. I have tried thinking of reasons why. There might be many, like being in worse shape (maybe doing about 30 km a week has started paying off), starting too slow, becoming too passive, not being in the pain-is-fun-mode, being in out-of-competition-mode, being in winter-hibernation-mode. Only speculations. One thing is for sure thought, if I want to run faster the best thing I can do is to run more. Too bad I am lazy, and that the winter season is coming up. Time for even less runs, gaining weight (and hopefully strength as well), and loads of telemark skiing.

I have signed up for Hytteplanmila, as my last race of the season, except for SRM that is. Right now I don't even know if I can be bothered to participate. Having said that, that as well is a very social event. And the wheat rolls are always tempting, at least if you have not ran "too" fast, which seems not likely becoming an issue for me.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Amused to tranquillity

Muse headband (src:

What Is Muse?
Thanks to a friend of mine I have been able to test out a new product, called Muse, for about a week. Here is a review of the device (if you're in Norway you can watch a review here as well). The idea behind Muse is brilliant. It is a tool to help you relax, and get control of your own mind. I guess you can call it a meditation tool. This is what InteraXon, the Canadian company behind the tool, writes about the product:

Muse: the brain sensing headband
A brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind, and more with your life, by helping you learn to manage stress, stay calm, and stay focused.
Improve your physical, emotional, and cognitive health. See and feel improvements in your mental state in areas such as focus, composure, productivity, motivation, and emotional intelligence.

Muse, in action (src).

Getting Started
It was quick an easy to get started with Muse, following the manual that comes with the device. I only had a couple of minor issues. One was Bluetooth connectivity related, however that was most likely my phone (Nexus 4) and not Muse. After a couple of retries I did manage to pair Muse and my phone. The other was problems with getting all seven sensors on the Muse headband to be active. The solution to this was to moist my skin before each Muse session.

How It Works
The Muse headband is connected to your phone (or tablet) via Bluetooth. Using the Muse Calm app (Android, iOS) the signals from the headband is interpret. In short, when you start a session the app is calibrated, then you can sit down and relax, doing nothing but counting your breath. Check out for more info on how it works.

I did in total 14 sessions before I wrote this review. During the sessions I have noticed some minor and some major issues with the device. All sessions, with my findings, are listed at the bottom of this post. First summary of the issues that I did discover.

Positive And Negative Findings

+ A great concept, and an idea that would be useful to most people that I know.
+ Easy to setup, and get started, following the manual.
+ Using the app becomes addictive, like a game. You want to get a good score.
+ Nice bio feedback (audio feedback), that lets you know how you are doing, while you are relaxing.
+ With this device EEG is taken to your living room, for a low price ($299). Earlier only very expensive equipment could do these measurements. Unfortunately you seem to get what you pay for, read below.

- The app (Muse Calm) quite large (all in all about 100MB).
- The app a bit slow to start (but got used to this after a couple of times).
- Without moistening my skin I was never able to get all seven headband sensors active.
- No indicator to tell when Muse is fully charged.
- Even though Muse has charged for several hours it never showed above 96% full.
- Approximately the headband dropped 1% charge for each minute used. So less than 100 minutes on each charge.
- No matter what you do, or how active your brain is, the app always record your brain as in calm state for the first few seconds of every session.

Major Issue
- No matter how hard I thought, the app recorded my brain activity as in neutral and calm state, never in active state. This is clearly wrong.

This is quite a new tool (started with a IndieGogo campaign in 2012, and got released in mid 2014), and I guess InteraXon will keep developing and improving it. I love the idea, I want them to succeed, as this is not only fun and addictive, but also a great way of keeping a sound mind. However, the measurements of the brain signals /  electrical activity along the scalp, seems to at the current state being too inaccurate. Hopefully a new and improved version will be released later on. Then I might very well buy the product myself. Until then it seems like if you want proper EEG measurements a lot more expensive equipment is your only option.

The Different Sessions

Session 1
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 2
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 3
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 4
- 3 minutes long.
- Sat still but this time I tried keeping my brain as active as possible. I though of work, projects, plans and what have you got. I got tired of thinking of too many things.
- After around two minutes I started moving my eyes, while keeping them closed, as shown on the graph this made a big impact on the recordings.

Session 5
- 3 minutes long.
- Played the computer game Counter-Strike Global Offensive, while recording brain activity. Despite being in the middle of a game the session starts off as calm, as all other sessions recorded.
- Note: I tried sitting as still as possible, but I had the sound from the game turned on. This interferes the recording. In session 8 I did a new similar session, with no sound.

Session 6
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 7
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, drawing for one minute. Then meditated, following the instructions, for about 45 seconds, then drawing again for the rest of the session.

Session 8
- 3 minutes long.
- A new Counter-Strike Global Offensive session, but this time with no sound from the game.

Session 9
- Tried out a 20 minutes session.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 10
- 7 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, listening to music via headphones. Music played: Carbon Based Lifeforms – Right Where It Ends.

Session 11
- 7 minutes long.
- Sitting, watching a violent action movie. Video watched: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II - Episode 1.

Session 12
- 3 minutes long.
- Tried to keep my mind as active as possible. The first 1 minutes and 15 seconds I tried thinking of as many computer games as possible, then I thought of as many cities as possible, then for the last 45 seconds I thought of as many skiing resorts as possible.
- The app showed this as a very calm session, clearly wrong.

Session 13
- 3 minutes long.
- Sitting, closed eyes, following the instructions.

Session 14
- 3 minutes long.
- Tried to think of as many things starting with "A" as possible.
- Once again the app wrongly shows my brain as having been in a calm mode during the session.