Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merīkurisumasu 2013

Art Sports.

Art Sports, Shibuya
It has become a tradition (if more than once can count as that) dropping by Tokyo buying myself runners for Christmas. Last year I discovered Art Sports near Shibuya (I even have a "pointo kardo"). A shop with a great variety in running shoes, including models limited to Japan. As a "Nihon Otaku" (Japan nerd) I find the latter specially appealing. I should not forget to mention that running shoes in Norway is ridiculous expensive as well, so I have more or less stopped buying shoes there.

... and this is only one of several walls full of shoes.

I picked up two models from Art Sports this time.

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 (link)
I've had some Mizuno shoes, and liked them all. They are wide enough for my feet, which is far from a matter of course.
Weight: 240g
Price: ¥ 11.340 (665 NOK at the time of writing)

adidas Sonic Boost (link)
Felt good on my feet, and I've earlier been quite satisfied with adidas. This choice was simple.
Weight: 265g
Price: ¥ 12.600 (740 NOK at the time of writing)

ICI Sports, Harajuku
Another place where I found some nice shoes, was ICI Sport's Harajuku branch. It's located next to the station, more or less here. They had several Salomon shoes on sale, but unfortunately only one on sale in my size.


Salomon S-lab Fellcross 2 (link)
For the time being Salomon is my favourite brand of shoes. This model should be good for running in the terrain.
Weight: 260g
Price: ¥ 17.850 (1048 NOK at the time of writing)

Salomon Sense Mantra (link)
I might use these ones as everyday shoes.
Weight: 270g
Price: ¥ 8.085 (475 NOK at the time of writing)

Evisu the Tokyo, Ebisu
I have not just been shoe shopping. I've got myself a new pair of Japanese hand made Evisu jeans. (No. 2 - 2001 (regular fit)), with Japanese Blue (JB) paint. The colour being limited to the Tokyo shop, a 10 minutes walk from Ebisu station.
Price: ¥ 21.000 + 1.100 (paint) = 22.100 (1300 NOK at the time of writing)

The Evisu logo, hand painted, in red (src).

Ark, Akihabara
In Nerd Town, or Akihabara, you find Ark (located here). A great shop for nerds like me. I picked up a new model of the Zowie EC1 evo mouse (which is my favourite), next to some other useful nerdy items, like mouse pads, cabels, a brilliant USB 3 HUB (SilverStone’s External Port EP01) and more.
Price (EC1): ¥ 7124 (420 NOK in the time of writing)

Softmap, Akihabara
I had to drop by Softmap to locate another model of my favourite keyboard, the Filco fkbn87mc/efb2.
Price: ¥ 10.800 (635 NOK at the time of writing)

Filco ftw (at Yodobashi Akiba).

Yodobashi Akiba, Akihabara
At Yodobashi Akiba you can get most things though. Located next to Akihabara station (exactly here), and with its more than six floors stuffed with gadgets, it is a popular place to spend some Yen. If you get a loyalty program ("pointo kardo") you quickly save up points. I got myself some new camera equipment here, for the Sony Alpha 7.

I might go to Daikanyamachō, to see if I find any nice locally designed clothes. As well I have plans to drop by Hakusan Megane, for some eyewear. But with this I have more or less checked off most items from my wish list. Now it's time to do less shopping and more running, relaxing, reading and writing.


  1. Ser ut som du har fått alt du ønsker deg i år og litt til... De beste gavene er de man gir seg selv. :-D Fortsatt god jul og god tur. :-)

    1. Takk for det, Adelheid. Ja, fikk mange fin fine gaver av meg selv, i år også.

      Skal kose meg videre, her borte. God jul til deg også, nyt ferien.


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