Sunday, 29 December 2013

J-notes #4

I'm back in the land of the rising sun, taking more notes.
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People love onsen ^. No clothes allowed. A small cloth is all you need to cover your precious parts, or put on the top of your head when seated in the onsen. And when you shower you sit on a chair. Interesting indeed.

Having tattoos being in Japan as a bad thing, as you will not be allowed entering many places, like onsen and gyms. These rules are introduced to prohibit Yakuzas ^ from entering.

Vending machines
There are vending machines everywhere, and you can buy anything from them. Hot tea, noodle soup, cigarettes, soda, you name it.

Toilet seats
Toilet seats are heated, and it is great to sit down. When getting used to this it is tough going back to using non-heated seats.

Want a unique and cheap place to stay for the night, try a "mangakissa" or a manga café ^.

Other hotels
Or try a capsule hotel ^, or a love hotel ^ (the latter might not be that fun is you are on your own).

Screaming birds
There is a special kind of birds on the island, that are really noisy.

Mini bottles
Very small bottles, with miscellaneous drinks, for miscellaneous purposes, seems popular. They sell them everywhere.

No tipping
When you get the receipt you pay what it says. You don't pay more, or less. No tipping at restaurants or elsewhere. Brilliant. They way it should be everywhere.

Bath water
You fill the bathtub once, and then take a bath one at a time. In other words everyone living in a house share the same bath water. You do wash and clean yourself properly before bathing though.

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