Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Five months

Commits done on GitHub - punchcard.

I ended up using about five months, from May till October, developing the first version of forene.no (runners.no version 2.0). Or "the web bundling engine" as I call it. The number of hours I have put down is unknown. I did not work on days with nice weather, and this year we did have a lot of very nice weather. That aside, I've spent a fair bit of hours, as I spent spent numerous nights at home, coding.

With version 0.1 of forene no the front end (the stuff that defines what the users to see) consisted of 865 lines of code. The tech savvy can check out the front end code on GitHub, being one HTML file and one JavaScript file. For an overview of the technology used please visit forene.no.

The back end (the engine) is far more complex, and I have written:
- 860 lines of Python.
- 2946 lines of PL/SQL.
Next to several lines of SQL, spending hours on a proper database model, plus more.

I also ended up developing my own deployment tool, kDeployer, for ease of the deployment process.

Version 0.1 (Acamar) was launched on the 10th of October, as runners.no version 2. It was done as a soft launch, in parallel with the old version of runners.no. Version 0.2 (Achernar) was launched 27th of November, and completely replaced the old runners.no version.

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