Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Epic Privacy Browser


An interesting browser, focusing on privacy, is the Epic Privacy Browser.

From Lifehacker:
"Out of the box Epic Privacy Browser blocks websites that track you, ads, and more. It doesn't store cookies, your history, cache, autofill, or anything else. When you close the browser, everything you did is deleted."

From Wikipedia:
"Epic's default configuration takes proactive approach to ensuring session data (such as cookies, history, and cache) are removed when the browser is exited. The browser also includes a proxy service that can be enabled at the user's discretion, and is automatically enabled when using a search engine. Other features, such as preferring SSL connections and always sending a Do Not Track header promote a heightened state of privacy in comparison to some other browsers.[8]
Supplementary services found in the Chromium browser that send data to external servers, such as address bar suggestion and installation tracking, are removed in Epic to reduce the scope of potential data leakage.[8]
Epic is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X, with support for other operating systems expected."

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  1. Very nice sharing, Epic is a privacy centric web browser developed by Hidden Reflex and based on Chromium source code. A previous version of Epic was released on 15 July 2010, Epic was originally based on Mozilla Firefox and customized to the taste of Indian users.


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