Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Story About the Man and the Toothpick

OK, I'm back online, just in time to tell the story about a boy (OK, a man) that accidentally swallowed a 5 cm long and quite sharp toothpick. At the time of writing these exact lines I hope this story won't get too exciting.

The type of toothpick that was swallowed (yes, the thing to the right on this picture).

September 30th : 9pm-ish
A bit after 9 pm on Monday the 30th of September the toothpick was swallowed. How? A toothpick in the mouth, a sneeze followed by a quick breath-in, and the toothpick was gone. After realising there was no way back up, a couple of glasses of water was drunk. Then a few searches on the Internet was done. Searching the Internet for information on things like swallowing toothpicks is a nice way to get stressed out:

"Anywhere from 1-7% of swallowed toothpicks can cause serious injury. One novelist (Sherwood Anderson) died of toothpick ingestion.src.

"I have had it stuck in my throat for, I would estimate, 4 days." src.

"In a number of cases it has proven to cause serious internal injuries. The pick can lodge in the digestive tract, blocking food flow, or even perforate the esophagus, trachea, stomach, or intestinal wall, with the potential for bleeding or infection." src.

"Woman Swallows Toothpick; Suffers Severe Liver Abscess, Blood Poisoning." src.

"Swedish man dies after swallowing toothpick." src.

Next the emergency clinic was contacted, and questions were asked. They were not as pessimistic as the Internet, and the woman on the phone said not to worry as long as there were no pain. Eating wheat, like wheat rolls, loaf and pasta, was said to be good, as that food could encapsulate the toothpick. However, if in any pain it would be very wise to drop by the emergency clinic. It would normally take 3 days for the toothpick to travel through the system.

September 30th : 10pm-ish
Focusing very hard on feeling if there is any pain is a nice way to feel some pain. That aside, still no pain of any concern observed.

October 1st : 1 am
Hopefully the main character in this story is deep asleep, and this post is auto-published on the Internet.

Alternative storylines:
- the Man woke up in great pain, and was rushed to the hospital.
- the Man never again woke up.

[The story will continue (hopefully)]

UPDATE : October 1st : 6 am
The Man woke up, sweating and with light stomach pain. Laying still in his bed, the pain disappeared. It was only a nightmare that had tricked him. At least that was what he thought.

UPDATE : October 1st : 10 am
The Man woke up, rested. Feeling OK, just with some very light tummy ache. Most likely from the three wheat rolls that was eaten before bedtime last night.

UPDATE : October 2nd : 11 pm
Digestion is said to take 40 hours in average for men. 49 hours has passed. The toothpick should be ready for leaving the system, on the next dump. No pain has been felt, just some discomfort. The feeling of having a 5 cm sharp toothpick travelling around inside the body has not been a pleasant one for the Man.

UPDATE : October 3rd : 11pm
The Man is not sure where the toothpick is. It might very well has "left the building". If not it should be just around the corner.

[To be continued...]


  1. Oooh. Who's this man, Frode? ;)

    I hope he lives happily ever after...

    1. Hehe. He is a guy I know quite well, Bjørn ((:

      Anyhow. He is still doing OK. So far, so good. A couple of more days and hopefully the toothpick gets flushed to sea.


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