Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Prism Break Challenge - Part 4


Three options

The way I see it there are three ways of handling the mass surveillance done by Big Brother.

1: Share
Share everything you do. Say to yourself that you have nothing to hide from anyone (knowing that is a lie).

2: Escape
Move to an abandoned island, without any modern technology. Live as if it was in the 18th century. Nothing you do can be tracked electronically.

3: Hide
Use the technology, but be aware of Big Brother's mass surveillance. Hide, encrypt, confuse and operate in a way that makes Big Brother see less.

Some people might argue that there is a fourth option. I believe those people are too naive, but I can mention it even so:

4: Change
Make Big Brother change, and put an end to the mass surveillance we're all under.


My goal for this challenge was to follow the third alternative, to hide from Big Brother.
I ended up splitting the month in two, the first 15 days of the month my goal was to leave as few traces as possible. The second half I allowed myself to leave more tracks, normalizing my life. By the end of the challenge the goal became to behave in a way that would be "sustainable" for the future.


Overall it was an exciting month, but I have to admit that I left more traces than I hoped I would. Hiding from Big Brother is not easy at all.

Sub results
The results from different parts of this challenge can be viewed below.

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  1. Exciting stuff! Now it's time to challenge yourself on point 2 above.

    1. Yes, I will start looking for a small island, somewhere where the winters are not too cold ((:


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