Friday, 11 October 2013

The Father of foreneNo


Mr Me: Hi, Mr Klevstul. Five words about yourself? Mr Klevstul: Just five words, that's hard! Mr Me: Thanks, that'll do for now. Mr Klevstul: Nifty! But it was six words. Mr Me: And it was a joke as well. Tell me something about yourself. Mr Klevstul: I'm done with that question. Next! Mr Me: Please, Mr Klevstul. Just a few words? Mr Klevstul: Pretty please with sugar on, could we have the next question? Mr Me: OK, this interview started off well. Anyhow, can you, in a few words, explain us what foreneNo is? Mr Klevstul: More than five words? Mr Me: 42 words would be nice. Mr Klevstul: OK. foreneNo is a tool I have built, that gathers content from the Internet, and present it in a nice and uniform view. I call it an Internet bundling engine. Engine, because it sounds cool, and because it is a software machine.
Mr Me keeps quiet, thinking.
Mr Me: Wow, it became 42 words! And what content are you gathering, or bundling? Mr Klevstul: At this stage it is blog posts that people write. foreneNo supports different services, and now a service for running has started up. People, from Norway, that writes about running can join. Content is collected from blogs using something called RSS. RSS is an abbreviation for Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication. Mr Me: Only for Norwegians? Mr Klevstul: The first service,, is only for Norwegians. Having said that, maybe there will be an international service as well. Mr Me: Other sports? Mr Klevstul: Might happen indeed.
Mr Klevstul gets up from his chair and walks over to his window, overlooking the beautiful nature just outside the city centre of Oslo, Norway.
Mr Klevstul: Ah, this area used to be so nice and clean. Mr Me: It seems clean to me. Mr Klevstul: Take a closer look when you leave, there is trash everywhere. Mr Me: OK. Back to foreneNo, shall we? So, how did you get the idea for this engine of yours? Mr Klevstul: I built the engine, but it is not my engine only. It is for everyone to use. Mr Me: But it is closed source? Mr Klevstul: The back-end code is all closed source. The front end though is open, and the API will be documented and released for people to use. Mr Me: Why some closed code, and some open? Mr Klevstul: I am a man that likes full control. Before the back-end is rock solid I am going to control all of the development going on. Front-end and API is open so that people can play with it. Maybe someone want to make an app one day. That is fine by me. Mr Me: OK, but how did you get the idea for this? Mr Klevstul: Me, what name is Me by the way? Mr Me, sounds Chinese, but by the look of yourself I would say you're everything but Asian. Mr Me: Everything? Mr Klevstul: German, maybe? Mr Me: I am supposed to interview you. Could we please go on with me interviewing you? Mr Klevstul: OK. What was your questions again? Mr Me: The idea, how did it come to you? Mr Klevstul: Ah. Well, I think it would be more appropriate to state that I came to the idea, instead of the idea coming to me.
Mr Klevstul walks back from the window, and seats in his sofa. Me Me says nothing, waiting for Klevstul to continue. Which he does not.
Mr Me: OK, how did you end up with the idea, or how did the idea end up with you? Mr Klevstul: I spent much time, visiting different running blogs. Then I thought of the idea of creating a simple page with all blogs in one place. That was the birth of, a site I made in one evening back in 2012. Mr Me: One evening? Mr Klevstul: Yes, it was a very simple site, using existing tools, so I didn't have to do much programming myself. Mr Me: What technology did you use? Mr Klevstul: Twitter bootstrap, Yahoo Pipes and Google Reader. Reader had this great option to bundle many feeds into one big main feed. Unfortunately Google killed Reader, and then I realised that I had to build my own tool. Mr Me: So you can thank Google for foreneNo. Mr Klevstul: Yes, actually I can. If it was not for them killing the great product Google Reader, would have lived on, without foreneNo, I reckon. Killing off Reader was such a mistake though. Google's idea of "plussifying" the world is an idea that doesn't travel well with me. Mr Me: But you still have added a share from foreneNo to Google+. Mr Klevstul: Yeah, I still have. And you know why. It's where the users are. At least many. You can share to Facebook and Twitter as well, where you find even more Internet addicts, closely observed by NSA and others.
Mr Klevstul once again gets up, and walks out to the hallway. A few seconds later he comes back with a glass of sparkling water. He sits down and takes a sip. Mr Me looks longing at the glass.
Mr Me: Thanks for asking me if I was thirsty. Mr Klevstul: You look as thirsty as you look Chinese. Mr Me: Whatever. Mr Klevstul: OK, I think we are done. Mr Me: OK then, maybe we actually are. I am not sure how interesting this interview really is. Mr Klevstul: A good interviewer is required for a good interview to take place. Just a hint. Mr Me: Thanks for the compliment.
Mr Klevstul empties the glass, and gets up again.
Mr Klevstul: Goodbye then, Mr more-thirsty-than-Chinese Me! Mr Me: One last thing, when will this new site be published? Mr Klevstul: A site is not published, an article is published. A site is launched. I am not sure when I will launch it, but my goal is within November, and then we're talking this year, Mr Smartypants. Mr Me: Me, Mr Smartypants? (sigh) And where will it be launched. Mr Klevstul: The engine will be avilable through, and will be changed to use this new engine as well, when the time is right. In other words, will be a service using the foreneNo engine. Mr Me: OK. Mr Klevstul: Have a wonderful day, and please do consider finding yourself another day job.
Mr Klevstul closes and locks the door, as soon as Mr Me is pushed out in the hallway, almost before he has gotten his shoes on.

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