Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Prism Break Challenge : Races


Do not do any sports events (races) as yourself. Instead sign up using fake identities.


I did not do any races under my own name, instead I raced as fictional characters. For an overview view this post.


Big Brother sees how fit (or unfit) you are, where you have been and how often you race.

What I will do
I don't care much about leaving traces when it comes to participating in races. That aside, once in awhile I might use other names / identities when signing up. Reason is that seeing fictional characters on the result lists can be fun.

You might regret that you did not sign up as yourself, in case you do the race of your lifetime. Your grandchildren and friends might not believe that it was you that were "Superman", doing a half marathon in 1:20.


  1. Det finnes ikke en verden hvor "big brother" bryr seg om hvilke løp du deltar i.

    1. Og eksakt hva vet du om det, Mr "Anonymous"?


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