Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Prism Break Challenge : Public transportation


Not leaving any traces about when or where I did travel using public transportation.


On the subway I only used my private (linked to me) card once, as I ran out of money on my anonymous card and did not have enough coins available. I only used cash to refill my travel card. I travelled outside Oslo, by train, only after having bought tickets using cash.
I had to make one exception, when planning my upcoming holiday. I couldn't have bought any tickets using a fake identify. Travelling by plane not identifying is far from easy (impossible?).


To avoid Big Brother from knowing your travel pattern it is an OK idea using an anonymous public transportation card, and using cash for buying tickets.

What I will do
I will keep using my anonymous card, as my main travel card, so that there will be a less clear pattern of what days I use public transportation.

Only to refill transportation card using cash. As soon as you use a credit card there will be created a link in between the owner of the credit card and the transportation card.

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