Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Prism Break Challenge : Phone


Do not answer any phone calls, text messages or what have you got. Do not let any phone reveal your location.
Exception: Work related phone calls.


I always left my private phone at home, and my work phone at work. My phone was transported in between home and work though, but at many times I turned it off while doing so. Unknown phone calls, and texts, had to be answered, due to work. Friend's phone calls and text were in general not answered. Instead I called them back using my anonymous subscription.
I had to make a couple of exceptions, but overall my phone use during the Prism Break month was very limited.


Carrying your phone around is the same as carrying a tracking device for Big Brother to see.
Communicating with people using your phone will reveal your entire social network for Big Brother.
Using Internet on your phone is letting your mobile provider, and third party telecom companies, observing much of what you're doing.

What I will do
I know how to get hold of an anonymous subscription, if needed. That aside, it's too much work doing this on a regular basis, as a subscription very quickly can be linked to you as a user, based on your calling pattern.
I will more often keep leaving my phone at home, just as I did in this challenge as well.

Discussing secrets over a cup of coffee, instead of over the phone.

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