Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lightworks - offline black media

I got a problem with my Lightworks (lwks) project as I did move some media files on my computer. After relinking my media the blacks (black filling clips) were still offline, with no way to relinking them.

Black media is offline.

The black only showed as offline in the edit's view window / during playback of the edit. Opening the black in it's own view window worked just fine. Creating a new black filler didn't do any difference either. The solution is to add a title to the black, without adding any text. Afterwards the black will show up just fine. To me this seems to be a bug in Lightworks (I'm on version 11.1), as more people has reported it.

add a title to the black filler

no text needed, just close the title window after deleting the default "Lightworks" title

Black is back online.

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