Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Exploding Bed


It was already past midnight. I was tired, and should have gone to bed an hour earlier. I lowered my Murphy bed, and looked forward to closing my eyes and visiting the land of dreams.
However, instead of seeing Mr Sandman there was a loud bang, followed by a hissing sound and a strong smell of oil.
My bed did explode. Or, to be more precise, one of the gas springs did. This is the price of having a fancy bed. I do wonder when the next spring will blow up. Life is exciting.

A lot of oil, but not enough for getting rich.

My sheet, and my mattress got slightly oily.

With Suspa liftline you won't get bored.

The serial / part number of the affected spring.

UPDATE [13.10.11]
Yesterday when I got back home I found that I had 8 lost phone calls from a to me unknown number in Germany. And the first thing happening this morning, turning on my phone, was a new call coming in from the same number.

A nice German was on the phone, calling from the Suspa factory in Germany. He made sure that Suspa never contacted end customers, but that they made an exception. He told me that the German office was contacted by the Americans (main office), with information about my case. All due to me having sent them an email on the 8th of October, informing them about this incident.

The kind German guy said that they would produce two gas springs for me, by hand, and send them to my address in Norway. Free of charge. He was truly sorry for what had happened, and also told me that my case was something all new to them. These things didn't use to happen at all. And Suspa produces thousands and thousands of springs every year.

This is what I call brilliant customer support. Suspa easily could have archived my email, without ever contacting me. However, they made an extra effort to please me. "Suspa springs forever" is what I am saying now! These guys are professionals.

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