Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Prism Break Challenge - Part 3

Leaks like a sieve...

... I have some last.fm leaks as well. And I did leak data as I had to do my duty and voted in the election.

Regarding the election: I voted NO for the Olympics in Oslo 2022. The only right choice as far as I could see, but unfortunately the majority of the voters did not to agree. It has been a dirty election campaign, and most people haven't seen the entire picture at all. I voted for the Greens as well.

Anyways, 10 days down, 20 to go. Despite of the leaks I'm leaving fewer electronic traces now compared to earlier. It feels great. Spending no time on social media sites, no time blogging, not being reachable outside work and home, not having to answer everyone that contacts me. Electronic progress is, despite being very handy, also limiting us. And doing extensive self surveillance, as many are, is not making it hard for anyone to get a lot of information on you. This challenge definitively brings me freedom.

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