Monday, 19 August 2013

The Prism Break Challenge - part 1

MoCh - Challenge #9 September 2013 - The Prism Break Challenge


The Challenge
It has been a long time since my last challenge, so it is about time to once more step out of the comfort zone. My new challenge is called "The Prism Break Challenge" (written as Prism and not PRISM on purpose). The proper challenge doesn't start before September, but I've started doing preparations, that I will write more about soon.

The goal of this challenge is to be more or less invisible to Big Brother (NSA and intelligence services, aka. government agencies, around the globe). To do this I need to stay off "the grid", or to create fake identities that can not be traced back to me as an individual. I will make some exceptions, as staying completely off the grid is impossible for me due to my work. The challenge will be extremely hard, as it is impossible to live a normal life today without leaving any digital traces.

My goal is to:
- Be unable to track down.
- Make all my communication completely secure / secret.
- Leave few electronic traces.

I will not be able to:
- Prevent people from contacting me in a way that is readable to Big Brother (for example, I can't prevent anyone sending me an email or a text).

- While at work, doing work related stuff (7am-3pm Monday till Friday Big Brother will see me).
Note: Work will not be a free zone for doing private stuff, hence I will not do anything private, that is traceable, even while at work.
- I will post updates related this challenge, from an untraceable destination.

I dare more people to join me doing this challenge, in protest to the massive surveillance we're all under. Big Brother is watching, but in September he shall see less.

What this means?
- A month of cash only payments (no form of electronic payment - Bitcoin would work but nowhere to use that in Norway).
- No usage of my own mobile phone (my phone will be left home at all times, turned on, but not used).
- Not using any email address traceable to me (emails can never be 100% encrypted).
- No electronic calendar, document solution, image uploading or what have you got.
- No public transport using card registered on me.
- Not using my own Internet connection at home.
- Not doing any races as myself.
- Not tracking my runs using any GPS tool.
- Not having any photos taken of me (I will try avoiding this as best I can).
- Not driving my car (there are cameras everywhere).
- Not accessing my gym using my ID card.

I'm sure I will think of other things I can't  do as well.

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  1. Good luck sier jeg bare ;-) Kul utfordring som sikkert går litt lettere når du øver litt på forhånd....!

    1. Takk for det, Silja. Det blir en spennende og utfordrende måned. Gleder meg ((:

  2. Ikke glem CCTV på offentlige steder, eller private for den saks skyld.. :)

    1. Godt poeng, Christopher. Det blir mye capsbruk i september...


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