Thursday, 1 August 2013

SRM #364

Race #28 2013 - 9774m - 39:27 [PB] - Wednesday 31st of July

Photo by Christopher Aalholm, manipulated by me.

It was Wednesday. It was SRM. It was a good day for running.

The final meters (Photo by Christopher Aalholm).

I had planned to do another two round race, and was unsure how my legs were after Tuesday's GSC, and five tough days in a row. Saturday I did 200 meters, and got 28.7 seconds. First sub 30 after my tibia injury. Sunday I did "Gilbergs Forest Track", and finished in 1h 25m which was a PB by 5 minutes. Monday I did my best ever 300m hill interval session. Tuesday we had the GSC, where I ran well. And on the Wednesday I did set a new PB on three rounds around the lake.

Ms CK: "So you really think you can beat me?" Mr Me: "But how many rounds? One? Two? Three? I need to know." (Photo by Christopher Aalholm)

Having said that, my old SRM x3 record was far from my strongest PB at Sognsvann, as I had not done a three round race in over two years. Last time, in July 2011, I ran in 39:56, which was my old record. From my experience SRM x3 is comparison to a flat 10km road race. Some small hills makes up for the shorter distance.

Mr TB aka Tim, Mr Me and Mr HL aka Heming Leira. (Photo by Christopher Aalholm)

The weather was perfect, with cool air filled with oxygen. I was lucky to run alongside handsome Tim, which kept a very even pace, gradually increasing the pace throughout the race. Unfortunately he got engine problems on the final round (tummy issues), and had to let me go. My plan was only doing a two round race, however Ms CK was back in town and delivered a lightning fast SRM x2 in 25:55. Hence my only way to avoid being beaten became to run longer than her.

Mr Pain would have gotten angry on me here. Knee being too low. (Photo by Christopher Aalholm)

Till next time, Sognsvann. (Photo by Christopher Aalholm)

Next up now is to set a new PB for the SRM x2.

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  1. Grattis med sterk PB på 3-rundern! Jeg har også planer om å jobbe litt med 2-runders rekorden de neste ukene. (også må jeg begynne å løpe noen 3-rundere, var jo plutselig bare 5 uker til Drammen - det kom brått på)

    1. Takker, Bengt. Gi beng(t) i Drammen, mye asfalt i den løypa der. Fokuser heller på SRM x2.

      Du er i bra slag for tiden, så har troa på perser for deg både i Drammen og rundt vannet.

  2. Grattis med PB! Fine bilder - det øverste var utrolig kult ;-)

    1. Takk, Silja. Og det er Christopher som har vært ute å knipset ((:


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