Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to export your RescueTime data

How you can export all your data stored in RescueTime. Note that this is only possible for premium members.

1: Generate an API key:

2: modify the link on the following format:
Change key to the key found in step 1, and alter the start and end dates. Check out the API doc for more details.

Export data entries, sorted by rank:[yourKeyHere]&restrict_begin=2011-01-01&restrict_end=2013-12-01

Export data entries, grouped by year:[yourKeyHere]&restrict_begin=2011-01-01&restrict_end=2013-12-01&perspective=interval&resolution_time=year

Export data entries, grouped by month:[yourKeyHere]&restrict_begin=2011-01-01&restrict_end=2012-01-01&perspective=interval&resolution_time=month

Export data entries, grouped by day:[yourKeyHere]&restrict_begin=2011-01-01&restrict_end=2012-01-01&perspective=interval&resolution_time=day

Example of exported data (CSV format):
Rank,Time Spent (seconds),Number of People,Activity,Category,Productivity
2,1119430,1,Hosted Google Docs,Writing,2
4,909023,1,komodo,Editing & IDEs,2
5,883763,1,Google+,General Social Networking,-2
6,679894,1,Windows Explorer,General Utilities,1
7,495396,1,,General Social Networking,-2
8,377095,1,Google Chrome for Android,Browsers,0
9,367925,1,,General Business,2

3: Error handling
If you get the error
{"error":"# unsupported request"}
try smaller time intervals / a shorter reporting period.

If you get the error
it might be your API key that is invalid.

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