Friday, 9 August 2013

1984 vs 2013

The banner of the Party in the 1984 film adaptation of the book (src: wikipedia).

The leaks  from Edward Snowden over the last weeks has painted a picture of the world that is not very different from what George Orwell did in his Nineteen Eighty-Four novel. A society where Big Brother is watching you. Big Brother in our case is our own government, that takes all steps necessary to gather as much data on as many people as possible. Our Big Brother is arguing that this is necessary to keep us safe from the evil forces lurking in the dark, the terrorists who are fighting against the so called free and democratic world we are living in.

"The greatest form of dictatorship is the dictatorship where people think they are free." David Icke. (src: morphogenetically).

It has been special living in Norway during the period when the NSA leaks has taken place. We norwegians love to have our nation described as democratic with freedom of speech as a key cornerstone. However our government and politicians has been very clear on where they stand in the Snowden case by treating it with absolute silence. Norwegian politicians accepts that Norwegians and everyone else are being spied on, even though the victims have not broken a single law in their entire life.

Dagbladet's John Arne Markussen had a great post yesterday, where he states that there is no democracy nor a state governed by law if people can not communicate freely, safely and confidentially. He is very right in this. The so called democracy is an illusion, in Norway as in the United States.

Not a single bit of information that has been revealed over the last weeks has surprised me at all. The only thing that has surprised me is what risks Snowden has taken, and what he has sacrificed, to reveal all this. However, there is one difference for me now compared with earlier. And that is those who judged me as very paranoid has stopped doing that. And myself, on the other hand, has stopped looking at them as equally naive.

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