Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The perfect balance

Before I did 100kg rowing. Not anymore (src: morphogenetically).

As written several times before the combination of strength training and running is a difficult one. Earlier this year I spent most of my time when exercising at the muscle factory. I gained both weight and strength, but became slower. Lately I've done much more running than strength training. I've lost weight and strength, but become faster. I'm struggling finding the perfect balance, as I do not want to become too weak, nor too slow. And when you worry about things like this you don't have that much to worry about. I admit, overall life is quite good.


  1. Ikke lett....!! Høres ut som "life in general" - umulig å få i pose og sekk ;-)

    1. Nei, ikke lett i det hele tatt, å ønske seg alt i pose, sekk, bag og veske. Enda godt at slike "problemer" ikke fører til søvnløse netter ((:


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