Friday, 19 July 2013

The Lost Country

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a little country far up north where the winters were freezing, but the summers beautiful. There was a proud and strong people living there, the Norse. They were not rich, but they were happy.

Then came one day when the Norse found black gold. They got ecstatic, and screamed of joy. In little time they forgot all about being poor. They built big castles which they filled with luxurious items from every corner of the world.

However, the Norse were not satisfied, they wanted more. And more they got. Their little country was brimming with black gold. The Norse got richer and richer, and got used to the thought of no matter what they did they could always dig up some extra black gold.

However, as in most stories, excessive and rapid wealth comes at a cost. The story about the Norse is no exception. With the black gold came the Disease. The Norse got lazy and lost their empathy, they stopped caring about others. As long as they had enough luxury themselves they were satisfied. The richer they got, the fatter they got and the more egoistic they got. Every action the Norse took was driven by the goal of becoming richer.

The leaders of the little country became sick as well. They stopped thinking of what was the best for the country and the Norse. They focused only on ways of becoming richer themselves. And when they got richer, they got sicker. In the end all the leaders in the little country went dumb and blind.

Folks from the outside, the Outsiders, heard rumours of what was happening. They packed their bags and travelled to the little country. They wanted a share of the wealth. The Outsiders was welcomed as friends, and given given nice welcoming gifts. But the Outsiders were not immune, so they also got infected by the Disease, and wanted more and more and more. And for every day that passed new people came to the little country. But the Norse did not complain. As long as they got richer they didn't care about much at all. After all, they could just dig up some extra black gold.

The Norse were too sick to see and stop the inevitable from happening. So one day the little country ran out of black gold. Like a drunken seafarer falling into the arctic ocean the Norse woke up, with a terrible headache. They saw that their little country was lost. So was the Disease.


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