Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rødtangen Rundt 2013

Race #21 2013 - 16km - 1:11:10 - Saturday 6th of July

The 4 km and the 16 km runners, seconds before start.

The 16 km terrain race at Rødtangen is another great race that everyone should experience before they die (I should make the list "100 races to do before you die" one day). I did this race back in 2011 as well, with Mr Leira as the designated driver. Back then we had problems finding our way to the start area, this time I had better luck, as I remembered my way, more or less. Mr Leira skipped Rødtangen Rundt for Unionsmarathon, and this time Adelheid and Mr B joined me to sunny Hurumlandet.

The story about Mr B is a happy one. To make it short: two years ago he was at Rødtangen watching the race, however he was in so much pain he would not have been able to run 100m, in May last year he got a brand new titanium hip instead of his old and painful one. This year he finished the 16 km terrain race in a very good time. Impressive!

As in 2011 Mr Luca, his wife and Nero was back as well. Two years ago I managed to beat him on the finish line, this time he was too strong for me to follow. That aside, we both have become faster with age. That is a good sign. And as well, as in 2011, I managed to finish 2nd in my class. I have to admit that there were not too many runners in my age group, but a 2nd place is a 2nd place. And that is worth posing for.

A few keywords that summarises the event and the following evening: perfect weather, great race, beautiful track, great people, "swimming" in the ocean, after run at a local restaurant in the sun, summer, life.

Getting there
To find your way to the event you can type in the address "Jahrenbakkene 8, 3484, Norway" in your GPS. It's about a one hour drive from Oslo.
Rødtangen, at Hurum. A nice place to visit in summer.

The track
You can do three distances. There is a hard 4 km terrain run, one 10 km asphalt run and one 16 km terrain track. I've only done the latter, hence it's that one I'm writing about here.

Compared to last weekend's challenge this track appears flat as a pancake, however I understand that some might say there are a few ups and downs.

As I ran with my camera ("running photography", a great activity) I shot several pictures of the track along the way. View the pictures below to take part of the magic.

Click here to view the track on Google Maps.

Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Top!

Toilets         : 4/5
- One toilet for each sex. OK enough, but the more runners more toilets might be needed.
+ Plenty of forest to hide away.

Value for money : 4/5
+ 250 kr for late entry fee.
+ Prizes for everyone (the Rødtangen Rundt / Holmsbu IL Cup).
- No tees (but you don't need tees in all races either).
- 20 kr to park (which is not that expensive).
- Nothing to eat.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Everything went smoothly.

Race Timing     : 4/5
- Some problems after the race.
+ Online within a few hours.

Track           : 5/5
+ A scenic and wonderful track.
+ Enough KM signs.
+ Marked all the way.
+ Enough drinking stations.

OVERALL         : 4.5 / 5

Measuring (Mr B helping me measuring the Capacity Planning).

Tasting (Mr B and Miss AH checking if the finish-mats has the right smell and taste).
Warming (-up, with Miss AH and Mr B).

Cheering (these guys knew how to do it).

Racing (loads of happy peeps).

Chilling (Mr Luca aka Mr Italy with his family, Nero is trying to hide).

Enjoying (more happy peeps).
Posing (a 2nd is a 2nd).

Celebrating (Solo for me, since I was the designated driver this time).

More pictures
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  1. Ah, good times... Det kommer godt fram på bildene også, skikkelig bra serie denne gangen. Kommer til å stjele vilt og hemningsløst i kveld. :-)

    Regner med at det også ble en strålende dag i marka i går?

    1. Good times, indeed. Bare å stjele bilder, så lenge fotograf blir kreditert.

      Og ja, Marka i går var helt OK ((:

      Sees onsdag, torsdag og lørdag. Mye bra løp nå for tiden!

    2. Så klart du skal få den heder og ære du fortjener... :-)
      Sees plutselig i løpesko (om ikke i hestetippekroken på kiosken).

    3. Hehe. Og ja, henger også veldig mye i tippekiosken, så godt mulig vi sees der først.

  2. Frode! Gratulerer med både premie og herlig 6-pack! Sees nok på Sognsvann snart:-)

    Mvh Janicke Løken

    1. hehe. takker, janicke. vi sees ((:


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