Friday, 19 July 2013

Langøyene Rundt 2013

Race #25 2013 - 3.1 km - 13:58 - Thursday 18th of July

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The second race in the "Oslo fjord island carousel" (Hovedøya Rundt being the first, Gressholmen Rundt being the third and last). Another great race, that I truly love. The track, the atmosphere, the people, the surroundings, the everything is great. Check out my 2012 report as well.

My race
Compared to last week's island race,where I ran well, I now struggled more. Heavy legs, likely due to a heavy (for me) squat session on Monday.

The track
It was a new track this year, so earlier times can't be compared with today's.
Click here to view the track on Google Maps.

The grades
Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Top notch!

Toilets         : 5/5
+ Plenty.

Value for money : 5/5
+ Practically free.
+ Cordial.
+ Dried meat festival.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Brilliant.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Online within a few hours.

Track           : 5/5
+ Short, challenging and fun.

OVERALL         : 5.0 / 5

The results

The pictures
Check out the flickr album to view all photos from the day, full size.

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  1. Ah, nydelige biler av en nydelig kveld. Dersom jeg får tid til å blogge i helga, håper det er greit at jeg "låner" et par og lenker opp til flickralbumet (business as usual, altså). :-)

    Ha en strålende helg!

    1. Takk for det, Adelheid. "Business as usual" er helt greit.

      Ha en flott helg, du også.

  2. Kan jeg også låne et bilde eller to? *smile pent*

    Takk for i går, kjempehyggelig!

    1. Hei, og selv takk for en super dag i går.

      Ja, det er bare å låne i vei. ((:


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