Friday, 12 July 2013

Hovedøya Rundt 2013

Race #23 2013 - 3.2km - 14:08 - Thursday 11th of July

Me and my S-lab visited Hovedøya, this perfect summer day of 2013.

Another one of those magical races. Absolutely on my "100 races you need to do before you die" list. I won't write a long race report, but you can check out my report from 2012 and Mr Ringom's pictures. These island races has to be experienced. Say no more.

OK, I can't help it. I need to say a bit more. Finally I've once more started managing running a bit faster. For the first time since my tibia injury this February. On Saturday I completed Rødtangen Rundt without stressing too much, on Wednesday I did set a new SB on SRM x 2 (26:10) and today I ran well. I think much have to do with the nine days I just spent in Chamonix, playing in the mountains.

The track
It was a new track this year, so earlier times can't be compared with today's.

Click here to view the track on Google Maps.

And we have another 5 out of 5 race, for the second time in history, congratulations!

Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Top notch!

Toilets         : 5/5

Value for money : 5/5
+ Practically free.
+ Cordial.
+ Shrimp party.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Brilliant.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Online within a few hours.

Track           : 5/5
+ Short, challenging and fun.

OVERALL         : 5.0 / 5


Didn't take many shots today, but check out Mr Ringom's photo galore page.

As this year's shrimp master I needed to defreeze the shrimps in the sun before "overrekelsen". I had to lie down and rest in between the hard work.

Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear didn't make the day any worse. I love his books.

Mr Ringom prefered swimming to the island instead of taking the boat. After all it was only a 5 minutes boat ride.

Mr Me, sleep-running once again. Photo: Sharon Broadwell.

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  1. Og der var jeg nede for telling, gitt... Totally worth it. Stiller i morra samma hva!

    1. Ah, så utrolig kjedelig. God bedring. Håper du er i slag til i morgen. Det lønner seg neppe å stille om du er skikkelig dårlig.

    2. Takk. Hadde bare så vondt i hodet i dag tidlig - bedre nå. Og går det ikke, kommer jeg for å heie. :-)

    3. det er bra du er bedre. sees i morgen! håper du er i flott form da.


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