Tuesday, 30 July 2013

GSC : Grefsen Stair Climbing

Grefsen Stair Climbing

The legs were light.
I was ready to fight.
The legs were strong.
To me they did belong.
The stair was climbed,
with everyone left behind.

That pretty much summarises today's stair climbing session at Grefsen. OK, I do exaggerate a tad, but it was a good day for climbing stairs. I did set a new record, asphalt to asphalt in 49 seconds (49.4 to be exact). Mr RG, Mr LG and Mr Me were at the stairs at Grefsen. A perfect spot for short but intensive training.

From 1:30 to 49.4 seconds on the intervals.

What else?

I've been running well lately, like during the island races (one, two, three). It's due to being back from the injury earlier this year, and having gotten more kilometres wearing runners. My leg is pretty good now, but I can still feel some slight pain now and then. So got to keep being careful, and try avoiding asphalt and too many kilometers a week. Since I don't run that much per week most of my runs are high quality runs, like proper intervals sessions or races. Don't have any major goals in the near future. I just want to do some races and have fun. Next to working out at the muscle factory, but of course. Have spent too little time there over the last weeks. Will have to pull myself together soon.

Sub 30
For the first time after my tibia injury I once more did a 200m in less than 30 seconds. I got 28.7 seconds on the distance this Saturday. Still a couple of seconds behind what I did last year, but at least it's closer than a few weeks back.
By the way, I will have started tagging my sprint related posts on this blog with a "sprint" tag, as I like keeping things organised. And yes, I keep doing some sprint related sessions, as I believe it is very important with these types of sessions as well.

I do write about different people on the blog, like Mr RG, Mr B, Mr V, Mr Pain and so one. I have received a lot of emails from people wanting to know who these guys are. Well, luckily for you I will now start a series of profiles, where I will present those I write about the most.

The weather has been far too nice in July for sitting inside coding. Hence nothing huge (nothing at all, actually) has happened over at runners.no. Due to a temporary solution the site is still up and running, but a new and shining back-end will come later on, one day...

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