Saturday, 27 July 2013

Gressholmen Rundt 2013

Race #27 2013 - 3.7 km - 17:37 - Thursday 25th of July

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The third and closing race of the wonderful island carousel, minutes outside the heart of Oslo. The island races consists of three destinations. However, there are some rumours, spreading in between the islands like the ocean on a hot summer day, that there might be a fourth island to sojourn at next year. Lets hope those rumours will strike roots, grow and blossom.

Photographer Stian S Møller visited the island and took this and several other brilliant shots. Check out this link to see them all.

The first race was at Hovedøya, the second at Langøyene and this final took place at Gressholmen. For those who has read my reports from the first two races, or my Gressholmen Rundt report from last year, it should be of no surprise that I love these races. This particular one being the finest of the all.
I won't bore you with the details of a "grades segment" for a race that obviously is a 5 out of 5 on all aspects. Instead I will do with giving a huge thanks to the organisers, for putting together these events, that makes it impossible for me to leave "the big smoke" this time of year. A summer without island races is like a summer without sun, in other words not a pleasant summer at all.

A beautiful and fun track. Hallvard in the lead, Halvor on second, me on third with Luca and Jørn eager to pass me, which they both did.  (Photo by Stian S Møller)

Me, Summer 2013 and Gressholmen. A joyful experience. (Photo: Stian S Møller)

As with this year's preceding island races, Gressholmen as well was granted with a new race track. Hence comparisons of race times with precious years makes no sense in that respect. The track can be examined on the picture below, and scrutinised in more details visiting this link to Google Maps.

Click here to view the track on Google Maps.

Due to heavy rainfall, an hour or so before start, the track was at parts like a slippery slope. I, and many with me, did examine the wet soil in more details than planned. Luckily it was my skin and not my new boardshorts that got torn. Painful calves from a brutal affair with metal steps did not seem to bite on me either, and I completed the round around the island long before the tavern closed their barrel taps. So after a wonderful swim, in the fjord that did hold 22 degrees, I made my way to the drinkery, alongside great people, smelling of fresh salt water.

Salomon S-lab Sense Ultra, the more I use them, the more I love them, despite of poor durability (photo: Stian S Møller).

I will take these precious memories with me like glowing coal, through the dark autumn, freezing winter and crisp spring. Till I hopefully once again, in a little less than a year, will tighten my shoelaces and set out for new adventures on the beautiful islands, with the beautiful people that I now has learnt to know as friends.

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  1. Deler dine panegyriske betraktninger. Hadde ølbriller på da jeg så gjennom bildene på t-banen hjem, men jeg ser i grunnen det samme nå som da: en gjeng med folk som ser ut som de har det veldig gøy - og det selv før alkoholen kom på bordet. Mange brede glis både fra undertegnede og andre. Jammen godt at glisemusklene får ett års pause. :-D

    1. Ja, ingenting annet å si enn at disse løpene er helt fantastiske. Veldig mye på grunn av nettopp den glisende gjengen. ((:

    2. Du turte ikke gjøre noe ut av zombiegjengen? :-D

    3. Hehe. Det passet ikke helt inn med stilen på innlegget, men "the rise of the walking dead" var en fin idé ((:


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