Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Sea of Death

The trees surrounding the Sea of Death.

The Sea of Death

The wind is blowing,
like a secret breath,
moving tree tops,
surrounding the Sea of Death.

Where no man lives,
the forest creates a wreath,
that none has seen,
around the Sea of Death.

Do not be fooled
by the name of death,
it swarms with life
in the Sea of Death.

The beauty at the Sea of Death.

A ride through Nordmarka
I had a wonderful trip through the forest today, alongside the living legend, Mr RG. He guided me to a new place, where no man has ever set foot before us. The most secret lake on this planet, called "The Sea of Death". I will not reveal the true name of the lake, as someone then might find it. It better stay secret, as secrets are best preserved as secrets.

As the first man in history Mr RG points towards the Sea of Death.

As we used many hours to locate the Sea of Death our entire trip became a very long one. However a very memorable one. Nordmarka is nothing but magical, as it's mainly untouched by greedy humans.

A tiny map, with no traces oo the Sea of Death, as we turned off our GPSs when visiting the secret lake.

My 2008-model loyal servant, now with VXG.com stickers.

Me and Rottungen. Photo by Mr RG.

What else?

I've started cycling to work.

I've started playing with Vine. My name there is "klevstul". So far I've made two videos.

I've been listening to Wasteland by Black Sun Empire.

And I keep reading "The Name of the Wind", which is only getting better...

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