Monday, 3 June 2013

Six years of scrobbling

I became a (my account on member in January 2007. Since then I've scrobbled (made my listening habits public via about 55000 tunes. As is open, and has got a public API there are several nifty services built on top of One great one is LastGraph (my page on LastGraph), which is what I've used for presenting the data below.

Top artists

My history for Daft Punk, my number one artist.

Guess what, Bieber is not on my lists over my most played artists. The artist I've played the most over the years is Daft Punk, mainly thanks to the three albums TRON: Legacy , TRON Legacy: Reconfigured (the number one album played by me) and their new album Random Access Memories.

My second most played artist is Timbaland. Yeah, I did have a rap / hip-hop period some years ago. Not listening much to that guy anymore.

My third most played artist is not really an artist, but I had a period of listening to some French Mozart inspired rock opera, namely Mozart l'Opéra Rock.

My history for Pink Floyd. Not many plays lately.

Pink Floyd is on fourth, but that group would have been up heaps further if it was available on Spotify. As I've for the last years, almost without exception, only have been streaming music through that service.

For all my top artists check this page.

Another interesting feature from LastGraph is their timeline generator, where you get a nice graphical overview of the amount of music played, and what music that is played. Below are some shots of my timeline from the period as a user.

2007 timeline.

August to December of 2007, more detailed.

November and December 2007, even more detailed.

2008 timeline.

2009 timeline.

2010 timeline.

2011 timeline.

2012 timeline.

January to June
2013 January to June timeline.

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