Monday, 10 June 2013

Salomon Trail Tour 5-2013

Race #14 2013 - 7km - 34:47 - Sunday 9th of June

For the third time this season, the Salomon race bib was taken out of the closet.

This was my third Salomon Trail Tour (race 1, race 2, I missed out on race 3 and 4). Even though I felt heavy at the beginning of the race I managed to keep the pace, and even increase the speed towards the end. Maybe the beetroot juice is working after all? Maybe this is the start of a better period when it comes to running? I don't know, but I'm satisfied as I ran a lot better today compared to my two previous Salomon races. It was a lot dryer today as well, which made it easier to run.

Or maybe I ran faster because I got pissed off. Yes, I got very pissed off where I ran through the forest that once was nice and clean. This time huge parts of the track was filled with toilet paper, human shit and other miscellaneous trash. The once peaceful trail now went through a huge gypsy tent camp, with some people busy cooking, some chopping trees and many just staring at all the Norwegians that flew past in between the spruces. The once nice smell of forest was replaced by smells of trash and smoke. And this is just one of many gypsy camps in the Sognsvann area.

I'm pissed with having to be so sickening politically correct all the time, that I fear to speak my mind. That I fear to write these lines of text. I'm sick of the so called "freedom of speech" that only seems to be valid as long as you stear away from certain subjects.

The gypsy problem is a big problem. However, it is result of a much bigger problem on Mother Earth. Our resources are very far from equally distributed. For every day that passes it only gets worse. Less resources, more people. The fight for the remaining resources will just get uglier. But, no one is solving anything by closing their eyes and doing nothing, like our politicians. The world is not fair, it has never been, and it will never be. Some have got more, some have less. Not all the poor people in the world can come to Norway. So where should we set the limit? 1.000, 10.000, 100.000, 1.000.000? More? The gypsies that come to this country are far from the poorest. Neither are they the most law-abiding groups of citizens, and they don't contribute to the society in many positive ways. At least that is my experience.

I don't believe you solve anything by having open borders. The result of that is just ruining what you have built. It is adding fuel to a fireplace, that when ignited it will explode. I'm pissed off with our politicians obviously without brains and balls, that don't dare to take a stand. Politicians that are too weak and cowardly to handle difficult problems. I'm pissed off living in a country where the system is an oligarchy in stead of a democracy. There is no way anyone can make me believe that the people is in power in this country. It's a few groups of suits that runs the show. The system is corrupt, in Norway, as elsewhere.

Norway, the two-faced peace country, home of The Nobel Peace Price, dropped 569 bombs in Libya. The price tag for this mission was somewhere in between 300 and 400 million Norwegian kroner. You could have done a lot for the gypsies for that amount. But in Libya there is black gold, and of course that counts the most.

Earlier I could go for a run when I was pissed off. Running is medicin. Now, that cure no longer works for me. At least not while running in the Sognsvann area. I'm pissed off, and I don't think that is about to change anytime soon.

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  1. 7 av 10 pågrepne er rumenere
    I norske rettssaler er det hovedsakelig lommetyverier rumenere blir dømt for. Det store volumet er ikke tiggere, men svært mange bruker tigging som skalkeskjul, ifølge politiet.

    Man skal være rimelig naiv for å tro at dette er tilfeldig.


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