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Myllavannet Rundt 2013

Race #16 2013 - 11.7km - 53:14 - Sunday 16th of June

A hidden gem
Finally I've discovered another unique race (thanks to Adelheid), that I reckon will stay on the race menu for me from now on. Myllavannet Rundt was a really nice experience, a scenic track around a more picturesque lake, with great organisers and good atmosphere.

Unfortunately there were not more than 23 participants this year. It might be due to the fact this information about this race is hard to find. They have no online appearance at all, except for what has written about them.

How to get there
Mylla is a lake in the northern parts of Nordmarka. Driving from Oslo takes about an hour. The race starts from Mylla dam (just type in Myllavegen 454 on your GPS, as that is very close). Google can help you getting there as well.

Oslo to Mylla dam.

The track
Main parts of the track was on a gravel road, going up and down around Mylla lake. From about 4.5 to 6.5 there was a longer hill though. Not very steep, but a constant ascent. And from about 8.2 to 9.2 km there was a forest trail, also with some ascent, before you once more can increase the pace on the gravel road the last one and a half kilometers to the finish line. The race is 11.7 km in total.

Click here to view the track on Google Maps.


Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ A small race with a unique atmosphere.

Toilets         : n/a
- No toilets at all, but for such a small race you just can't expect it.
+ The forest is huge, and peeing there is no stress.

Value for money : 5/5
+ 150 kr for late entry fee is a good price.
+ Cordial after the race.
+ Prizes for everyone.

Organising      : 4/5
+ Wonderful organisers made sure the race went smoothly.
- No website to find information about this race.

Race Timing     : 4/5
+ Manual timing, that was accurate.
+ Results were ready minutes after the last runner had finished.
- Without a website, and doing manual timing, the results were not online anywhere, before Kondis published them.

Track           : 5/5
+ Lovely gravel road (mainly).
+ Scenic.
+ KM signs every KM.
+ Two drinking stations.

OVERALL         : 4.6 / 5

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Kvinner 16-18 år:
  1. Jule Ensrud Trøsken IL                         56.34

Kvinner 23-34 år:
  1. Marthe K. Myhre Spkl  Vidar                    44.29
  Randi Lien Hæhre Team Hæhre                      (Brutt)

Kvinner 35-39 år:
  1. Adelheid Huuse Futt’n Fart Running Team      1.01.33

Kvinner 40-44 år:
  1. Åsta Skogan Bøe NOIL                           57.15

Kvinner 50-54 år:
  1. Trude Norma Hjelseng FIL Borg                1.23.45

Kvinner 60-64 år:
  1. Torill Skoglund Østre Toten                  1.11.08

Menn 12-15 år:
  1. Ole Haldor Ensrud Trøsken IL                   51.03

Menn 23-34 år:
  1. Eivind Haakenstad Godli Svea  Skilag           44.05
  2. Tom Erik Maast Lundin                          47.05
  3. Hans Marius Vestheim Team Gran Sport           51.41

Menn 35-39 år:
  1. Ronnie Frydenlund Hansen Raufoss               43.03
  2. Frode Klevstul Blodsmak Sportsklubb            53.14
  3. Per Ragnar Tuftin Søndre Røsby                 55.58

Menn 40-44 år:
  1. Knut Eraker Hole Hadeland FIK                  41.10
  2. Morten Nygård Privat                         1.04.27

Menn 45-49 år:
  1. Oddbjørn Homstvedt FIL Borg                    47.52
  2. Martin Bøe NOIL                                53.50

Menn 50-54 år:
  1. Jon Rørdam HSIL                                56.13
  2. Gudbrand Bjøralt Svea Skilag                 1.04.47

Menn 65-69 år:
  1. Bjørn Lauglo Stovnerkameratene                 53.26

Trim uten tidtaking:
  May Austbø
  Ivar Marius Nerby

Hoka One One
Time to fly!

This was also the race where I tried out moon boots for the first time, not the NASA version, but the Hoka One One : Bondi B, with the slogan "Time to fly". The shoes looks like 500g but weighs no more than 280g. The reason why I bought these monstrous shoes is to give my tibia some rest. I have to say that I was very positively surprised by the running experience these shoes gave me. The main advantage was going downhill. During the race a section of about 1 km was quite steep downhill. Normally my legs gets quite tired going fast downhill. This was not such a problem this time, as I did not feel the heavy impact from hitting the ground in "high" speed. I'm pretty sure these will be my shoes for next weekend's Vaffelgalopp as well.

And just to make it very clear: I am in no way sponsored by Hoka One One (I reckon I would have to "fly" heaps faster to get any running sponsors)!

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  1. Dette så ut som et bra race, jeg får slenge meg med neste år! Med de skoa der kan du bli skummel til fredag...

    1. Dette var et veldig fint løp, Bengt. Så er det jo en helt genial oppladning til Vaffelgaloppen. Anbefales på det sterkeste. Artig om du blir med til neste år.

      Kan godt hende jeg kommer til å se skummel ut, men 2012-utgaven av meg selv var mange hakk råere, dessverre. Men jeg håper på å sprette rundt Maridalsvannet og å kose meg med mengder av vafler til langt utpå natta.

  2. Tøft! Ses kanskje på galoppen - du flyr nok fra oss andre uten Hoka men vi ses kanskje til en vaffel etterpå ;-)

    1. Godt mulig jeg kommer til å fly til fredag, men jeg kommer neppe til å fly fort rundt vannet i år. Kanskje jeg kommer til å fly mer over madrassen når jeg kommer hjem, etter å være full på adrenalin og vafler. Gleder meg skikkelig.

      Men Silja, til neste år får du ta med deg Tim og bli med på Myllavannet Rundt. Det var virkelig et flott løp!


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