Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mistbergløpet 2013

Race #12 2013 - 6.6km - 39:45 - Saturday 1st of June

A great race
It's thanks to Siri that I participated in the 6.6 km long hill race, Mistbergløpet, for the first time today. Mistberget is 663 mamsl. The race was a great event, that might very well stay on my list of future races to do. Highly recommended, and a big thanks to the organisers, Nordre Eidsvoll IL.

I forgot my Garmin today (my hands were burning so much, due to the muscle ups, that I postponed putting on the watch until I was in the car, and then it was too late as the watch was left behind). Hence I have no record of my own race (well, I do remember it though). However, I got the GPS coordinates of Adelheid, today's co-pilot, so at least I do have the track in my database of races.

I really enjoyed today's race. Compared to Grefsenkollen I didn't find it that hard. One reason was that there were several flat sections, in between the hills. (Note to self: there are two areas steeper than average, one about halfway into the race, and one about 1 km before the finish line.) The main reason why today's race wasn't that hard was that I decided to do it as a proper training session, instead of a race.

Fun fact: Mistberget Rundt was my first ever MTB race. So I had been in the area before. I was way down on the result list this time, but luckily not as far behind as in 2008, where I finished about 1h and 17 min behind the winner (today I was "only" about 10 minutes behind).

The track


Click here to view the track on Google Maps.

Atmosphere      : 4/5
+ Something special about these smaller races.
+ Low threshold race.
+ Nice people.

Toilets         : n/a
/ didn't have the need for checking out the capacity planning, as I used the forest.

Value for money : 4/5
+ 300 for late entry fee
+ Race tee
+ Plenty of food and drinks after the race

Organising      : 5/5
+ Very well organised, everything went smoothly.
+ Nice and smiling organisers.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Results were on the wall quickly after finish.
+ Results were online the same day / evening as the race took place.

Track           : 5/5
+ A very nice gravel road to the top (no need for terrain shoes).
+ Huge signs marking how far you've ran (half, 1 km left, 500m left)
+ Two drinking stations on the way to the top.

OVERALL         : 4.6 / 5

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  1. Var du raskere enn han med krykkene?

    1. Odd Bjørn Homstvedt mener du. Ikke i nærheten. Han vant klassen sin med tiden 33:23.


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