Friday, 28 June 2013

May the force be with me

Hoka One One, tempo, xt, s-lab ultra and s-lab.

In less than 24 hours I've hopefully completed my longest race ever. Before that I have to decide on what shoes to wear. My achilles do hurt a bit, and my right toe will most likely cause me extra pain as well. Hence the Salomon S-lab Ultra is out of the question (too tough on my achilles). The Salomon S-lab won't be considered either, as I don't own a pair (yet). The Hoka One One will stay put at the hotel (gave my right toe too much beating last time I used them). So the choice is between the adizero tempo and the adizero XT. The latter has a better grip, but is slightly heavy, so right now it looks like the adizero tempo will be given the honourable mission to take me the 23km and 1500m vertical meters from start to finish.

I realise that beating the 3 hour limit might be too hard for me. I should instead focus on my main goal, which is to complete the race. I'll start slow and easy, and continue until slow becomes hard. Then I will slow down even more, and walk a lot. And when I regret and want to quit I will think of the cold beer that awaits me as soon as I pass the finish line. Because last year all finishers, at least of the marathon, were given beer as soon as they completed the race.

The names on the wall, mine as well.

3225. 3h 22min 5sec?

A wall full of names of adventurers.

Only a true Jedi can complete "the Cross" in style. May the force be with me, and the other runners. I seriously need it.


  1. Lykke til; dette går som en lek skal du se ;-)

    1. tusen takk, og selv takk, silja! kos deg. nyt turen.

  2. Lykke til i morgen! Gjør som på VaffelGaloppen så går det veien det her!

    1. takker så mye. kan ikke love å åpne like hardt. glemte også å skrive om det vanskeligste valget, boardshorts valget. fortsatt i tvil. blir en lang natt...

  3. Hvem vet, maybe the force is strong in you?...
    Smerte er godt, lykke til og ta en shorts som matcher skoa - det kan ikke bli feil! :-)

    1. Takk takk, Adelheid. Smerte er i hvertfall ikke vondt. Shortsen er nå valgt. Om 1.5 timer er jeg i gang med min ferd mot toppen. Håper det blir en fin tur!

  4. Replies
    1. I was too cold as I finished, but will make that up tonight.


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