Friday, 7 June 2013

Iron Horse

Cannondale Caffeine f2 - the iron (OK, aluminium) in between my legs.

Before I started running I had a period of cycling. Then I got married, crashed and burned, and forgot all about MTBing. Today, for the first time since the summer of 2010 I was back on my iron horse. I joined the great cyclists Mr RG and Miss CBH for a hill interval session to the top of Grefsenkollen. Not from the city, but 2.5 km below the top. Now that I've finally service my bike I'm planning to do heaps more cycling. When the weather is good I'm looking forward to doing long trips through Nordmarka.

The reason why these guys were minutes faster than me was due to their light runners, I reckon. Picture from the start area.

It was a great session, satisfied with the times. I also did three squat sets of 100 kg before I went cycling, which might have slowed me some.
1st interval: 11:32
2nd interval: 11:25
3rd interval  10:24
average:      11:07

The 3rd and fastest interval.

What else?
I've been working on the plank lately, not the one on the floor, but the proper plank. Today I was pretty close of making it. I just love these type of exercises. Makes working out in the gym so much more fun than using traditional boring machines.

And I've discovered a new service, The Infinite Jukebox, that lets me play my favourite songs forever and ever and ever and ever...

And I keep listening to Split The Atom: Special Edition by Noisia.

And I realise that is a great service for using the american version of Netflix.

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