Monday, 17 June 2013

Dangerous mornings

Risky business!

Lately, while most of the city is deep asleep, I've jumped on my iron horse and cycled to work. To me much in life is a game, hence I've spent some time trying to find the fastest track, studying the map. Last week I managed to get my shorts (I never wear tights, not even on the iron horse) below 15 minutes. 14:11 to be exact. That felt fast, as I cycle through parts of the city with several busy crossings and several stop lights on my way. I considered leaving it there. However, over the weekend I decided to give it another go. I had done some minor adjustment to my 6.9 - 7.0 km route as well, and this morning I was ready for another "risky ride". And it was a good one; my new record is 12:47.

It is for sure possible to go faster, however most likely not without hazardous cycling (it's impossible to time it so there are no red lights and no traffic). This challenge has come to an end for me, as I am not willing to risk my health for a better time. I will not recommend anyone trying this either. A safer challenge is to cycle the other way around, as that is uphill and the speed is slower.

The rules I followed:
- It had to be a normal work day (public holidays there are less cars, hence easier).
- Start in between 06:30 am and 07:00 (earlier the better, as there are less cars).
- You have to ride a mountain bike, and not a road bike (road bikes are too fast).
- Start: Folke Bernadottes vei 2 - just outside the main entrance (start standing still).
- Stop: Vi-Tre Tobakk Frukt og Sjokolade, Tollbugata 8 (full stop, 2 m within range of front door).

Google thinks it takes 21 minutes...

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