Monday, 24 June 2013


I'm back in Chamonix, to run, relax and have fun with good friends. Last year I did a 10 km race, this year I've signed up for a 23 km one.

Getting there
I flew from Oslo, Gardemoen to Geneva with Norwegian. The 6:10 pm flight was a win, as I did not have to stress getting up early in the morning for going to the airport. I planned riding with AlpyBus from Geneva to Chamonix. Plans changed as I met "naboen" and his wife 10.000 feet above ground. They were going to the same place, and had a car waiting for them upon touching ground.

Some shots, from the first day. More might come. I'm also down here searching for "the goat girl" from last year. So far I've located some goats, but not the girl. I will not give up though, as there are many days to go.

The goats are located, the girl is not, yet...

Mr RG.

Salomon S-lab Sense

Miss SB and Mr RG.

Eclair cafe.




  1. Fnis - jeg gleder meg!! Ses plutselig!

  2. Good luck looking for the beatiful goatgirl. See you on friday.

    1. thanks a lot, mr haug. see you soon!

  3. Alternatives to AlpyBuss (note to self, and others):
    - MountainDropOff
    - ChamExpress


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