Thursday, 27 June 2013


Life in the alps is brilliant. Slightly expensive as there are many nice things to buy, especially for those who like sports gear. Next to more gear / clothes shopping I've been spending about 50 Euro a day on groceries, restaurants and minor things (note to self, so I know how much to withdraw next year). More Norwegians has arrived Chamonix as well, and even more are coming today and tomorrow. Yesterday was the nicest day so far, with sun from a clear blue sky in between the tall and proud mountains. I tried out some bouldering as I needed some rest from running. Today I'll do another short run, before picking up my race bib and race tee. My big race is only two days away.

New running gear, and a few tees. Boardshorts for the win!

The Name of the Wind, an absolutely amazing read.

Miss SB and Mont Blanc.

Locating the boulders.



The brothers.

New arrival, Mr TS aka. Mr Salomon, and Miss LT.

New arrival, Mr Ringom, and Miss SB.

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