Saturday, 29 June 2013

A good day for running

It was slightly cold. It was much further than any race I've ever done before. However, it was a great experience. A good day for running, and I'm very satisfied. I started very controlled, and instead advanced my position throughout the entire race.

After 6 km I saved a girl that fell outside the small track (gaining three karma points). After about 15 km I felt some, but not much, lactic acid in my legs for the first and only time (used one karma point to get rid of the lactate). At around 19 km I started thinking that it would be nice to finish soon. With 50 meters to go I sprinted, and used my remaining two karma points. A proper race report, with pictures, will be written later. I don't have time now as I'm about the consume a couple of beers at the local microbrewery. Too bad I have no more karma points for the goat girl, that might be at the pub...


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