Saturday, 29 June 2013

A good day for running

It was slightly cold. It was much further than any race I've ever done before. However, it was a great experience. A good day for running, and I'm very satisfied. I started very controlled, and instead advanced my position throughout the entire race.

After 6 km I saved a girl that fell outside the small track (gaining three karma points). After about 15 km I felt some, but not much, lactic acid in my legs for the first and only time (used one karma point to get rid of the lactate). At around 19 km I started thinking that it would be nice to finish soon. With 50 meters to go I sprinted, and used my remaining two karma points. A proper race report, with pictures, will be written later. I don't have time now as I'm about the consume a couple of beers at the local microbrewery. Too bad I have no more karma points for the goat girl, that might be at the pub...


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Friday, 28 June 2013

May the force be with me

Hoka One One, tempo, xt, s-lab ultra and s-lab.

In less than 24 hours I've hopefully completed my longest race ever. Before that I have to decide on what shoes to wear. My achilles do hurt a bit, and my right toe will most likely cause me extra pain as well. Hence the Salomon S-lab Ultra is out of the question (too tough on my achilles). The Salomon S-lab won't be considered either, as I don't own a pair (yet). The Hoka One One will stay put at the hotel (gave my right toe too much beating last time I used them). So the choice is between the adizero tempo and the adizero XT. The latter has a better grip, but is slightly heavy, so right now it looks like the adizero tempo will be given the honourable mission to take me the 23km and 1500m vertical meters from start to finish.

I realise that beating the 3 hour limit might be too hard for me. I should instead focus on my main goal, which is to complete the race. I'll start slow and easy, and continue until slow becomes hard. Then I will slow down even more, and walk a lot. And when I regret and want to quit I will think of the cold beer that awaits me as soon as I pass the finish line. Because last year all finishers, at least of the marathon, were given beer as soon as they completed the race.

The names on the wall, mine as well.

3225. 3h 22min 5sec?

A wall full of names of adventurers.

Only a true Jedi can complete "the Cross" in style. May the force be with me, and the other runners. I seriously need it.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Life in the alps is brilliant. Slightly expensive as there are many nice things to buy, especially for those who like sports gear. Next to more gear / clothes shopping I've been spending about 50 Euro a day on groceries, restaurants and minor things (note to self, so I know how much to withdraw next year). More Norwegians has arrived Chamonix as well, and even more are coming today and tomorrow. Yesterday was the nicest day so far, with sun from a clear blue sky in between the tall and proud mountains. I tried out some bouldering as I needed some rest from running. Today I'll do another short run, before picking up my race bib and race tee. My big race is only two days away.

New running gear, and a few tees. Boardshorts for the win!

The Name of the Wind, an absolutely amazing read.

Miss SB and Mont Blanc.

Locating the boulders.



The brothers.

New arrival, Mr TS aka. Mr Salomon, and Miss LT.

New arrival, Mr Ringom, and Miss SB.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


A nice morning. View from Hotel Richemond. (src: morphogenetically)

Yesterday we did the last 14 km of Mont-Blanc Cross and Mont-Blanc Marathon (the tracks are more or less the same, except for the marathon track having an extra 19 km loop). We ran from Argentière (1250m) to Planpraz (2050 m). There are a few sketchy areas where you better not trip over, and there are many vertical meters to climb. A couple of words describe the track though: hard and magnificent. The view, as you can see on the pictures below, is very scenic.

I found it hard running yesterday. Legs like concrete, breath like Darth Vader. Even though I did a lot of walking it was tiring. From what I now know I assume that it will take me about three hours to complete "the Cross", on a good day. One hour for the first 9 km, two hours for the last 14 km. I'm having a painful right big toe at the moment, which might cause me problems. But with a few days rest from running I hope it will get a lot better.

Elevation from Argentière to Planpraz, the last 14 km of the Cross and the Marathon.

The Mont Blanc Cross June 29th 2013 : The 35th edition : 23 KM
Starting from the paragliding landing field the route climbs steadily towards the upper valley, progressively passing through the hamlets of "les Bois" and Lavancher before reaching Argentière (1250m). In Argentière you continue towards Le Planet (the same itinerary as the Marathon).You will arrive in the hamlet of Tré le Champ, a pretty village found right before the Col des Montets, from where you will then go via the Balcon Sud. After crossing the magnificent Charlanon comb (1812m) the climb is gentle at first. The gradient increases until just before the arrival at Planpraz (2050 m) giving one of the most beautiful views of the Mont-Blanc.


Monday, 24 June 2013


I'm back in Chamonix, to run, relax and have fun with good friends. Last year I did a 10 km race, this year I've signed up for a 23 km one.

Getting there
I flew from Oslo, Gardemoen to Geneva with Norwegian. The 6:10 pm flight was a win, as I did not have to stress getting up early in the morning for going to the airport. I planned riding with AlpyBus from Geneva to Chamonix. Plans changed as I met "naboen" and his wife 10.000 feet above ground. They were going to the same place, and had a car waiting for them upon touching ground.

Some shots, from the first day. More might come. I'm also down here searching for "the goat girl" from last year. So far I've located some goats, but not the girl. I will not give up though, as there are many days to go.

The goats are located, the girl is not, yet...

Mr RG.

Salomon S-lab Sense

Miss SB and Mr RG.

Eclair cafe.



Saturday, 22 June 2013

St. Hansgaloppen 2013

Race #18 2013 - 14.5km - 1:04:52 - Friday 21st of June

First of all I have to say that I love Vaffelgaloppen!

I had "a camera free day", but I borrowed Mr Ringom's camera to redo my highlight photo from last year, with Rolf in the lead role. A picture that says it all, if you ask me.

This picture says it all. Rolf Nielsen enjoying one of several waffles after the 14.5 awesome race.

Let's start with one request. I wish the organisers would move the race start back to 10 pm. In the very beginning the race started at 1 am, then the start was moved to 11 pm, then the start was moved to 10 pm and this year the start was at 9 pm. I loved running through the summer nigh. Now you're running in the evening, which is not equally special. So please Sørbråten Il, let the race start at 10 pm.

It was a wet evening in Maridalen.

I showed up late at Maridalen Skole tonight, and several people thought I had bailed out due to the rain pouring down. But seriously, I postponed my vacation to Chamonix so that I could do this race, I would never miss it due to bad weather. The reason why I was late was that I spent 2.5 hours at the muscle factory. A long session to make me extra hungry so that I could eat more waffles. I am ashamed to admit I ate no more than two waffle plates. There was even casserole for free this evening, which I didn't touch. In the time of writing, 2 am at night, I regret, as I'm bloody hungry again.

Together with Mr Bengt aka. CB-Kroa I lined up at the very front of the start group. Practically on the yellow line, in front of several runners that are way way way above my level. When the shotgun fired (yes, a proper shotgun is used) I sprinted as if I was doing a 400m race with Mr Pain yelling at me, instead of a 14.5 km race. Even though I kept a sub 3 minutes pr kilometer I was amazed that several of the boys actually followed me, more or less. It was a very stupid start, especially since I had not warmed up, except of lifting weights earlier in the evening. However I did it just for the photographer. So that I can show my future dates the photo and brag about what a great runner I am. You never have to tell the entire story, I've learnt that by now.

In the lead. Mr Pain would have been proud. Just too bad everyone in this photo passed me seconds later (photo: Heming Leira / Kondis).

It didn't take long before I regretted like hell that I sprinted the first hundred meters. My legs got full of lactic acid and I did get a stitch as well. Since I was in the lead quite a lot of people ran past me, actually it felt like most people passed me. I bet they all thought I was a fool, but then again, they were right. Tim ran past me as well. However he, as during Råskinnet, actually did sing a beautiful song for me. Unfortunately this now seems to have come to an end. The reason you will be served further down.

The longer I ran the better I felt though. The lactic was leaving my body, or maybe it was just Tim's song that gave me extra power. After about 4-5 kilometers I started passing some of those who earlier had passed me. Especially going downhill went fast, the Hoka One One did their job and my legs did not get tired from heavy impacts. I passed Tim just after "Brekkekrysset", and further down the short asphalt part of the track I saw the back of CB-Kroa.

As I approached Bengt, while passing more runners, I remembered a quote that Mr RG once told me. So that's why, when passing Bengt aka. CB-Kroa in great speed, I yelled "Nå går toget!" ("The train leaves now!"). And the train did leave, but unfortunately for me it was the wrong train. It was Bengt that increased the pace as soon we started running uphill again, he passed me for the last time, and that was the end to that story. A man needs to chose his words wisely, or know his limitations. Another lesson learnt.

I realised that Tim had started chasing me, and thought of what he told me last year, in the comment field here: "Neste år kommer du til å ta meg....Jeg vet jeg kommer til å grine den dagen det skjer. men jeg skal ta det som en mann (tror jeg)....". Tim is a very nice guy, but despite of that, having sung several songs for me and cheered at me during several races I wanted to see him cry. Sorry, I can't be nice all the time. Hence I focused on increasing the pace and keeping Tim behind me. Even though he came very close at one part I did manage to pass the finish line first. So that is why there will be no more songs for me. From now on it is dead serious in between The President and myself. Was it worth it? But of course!

I'm quite satisfied with the time, as I've not done that much running during the last months and this is being my longest run post my tibia injury this winter. Back in 2010 I did this race in 1:07:03, side by side with Mr Leira. In 2011 I did the race in 1:03:55. Last year, in 2012 I did the race in 1:00:44, and I will not be very surprised I that will stay put as my personal best. This year my time became 1:04:52. My second slowest time, but also my third fastest time, and a season's best. It's all about looking at things from the right angle.

For the first time we have a 5 out of 5 race. Congratulations to St. Hansgaloppen aka. Vaffelgaloppen and Sørbråten Il. This race is perfect.

Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Marvelous, just marvelous.
- But slightly less magical due to start at 9 pm instead of 10 pm.

Toilets         : 5/5
+ No queues, even minutes before the start.

Value for money : 5/5
+ 200 kr for race entry fee.
+ Free waffles, free waffles, free waffles.
+ Casserole (special this year).
+ Race tee (special this year).

Organising      : 5/5
+ Brilliantly done.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Results on the wall not long after race finish.
/ Not sure about when the results were online.

Track           : 5/5
+ Wonderful and fun track.
+ KM signs every KM.
+ Two drinking stations.
+ Mainly gravel, some track, some asphalt.

OVERALL         : 5.0 / 5

The anniversary tee (src: morphogenetically).

The medal (src: morphogenetically).

Waffle knee (src: morphogenetically).

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Myllavannet Rundt 2013

Race #16 2013 - 11.7km - 53:14 - Sunday 16th of June

A hidden gem
Finally I've discovered another unique race (thanks to Adelheid), that I reckon will stay on the race menu for me from now on. Myllavannet Rundt was a really nice experience, a scenic track around a more picturesque lake, with great organisers and good atmosphere.

Unfortunately there were not more than 23 participants this year. It might be due to the fact this information about this race is hard to find. They have no online appearance at all, except for what has written about them.

How to get there
Mylla is a lake in the northern parts of Nordmarka. Driving from Oslo takes about an hour. The race starts from Mylla dam (just type in Myllavegen 454 on your GPS, as that is very close). Google can help you getting there as well.

Oslo to Mylla dam.

The track
Main parts of the track was on a gravel road, going up and down around Mylla lake. From about 4.5 to 6.5 there was a longer hill though. Not very steep, but a constant ascent. And from about 8.2 to 9.2 km there was a forest trail, also with some ascent, before you once more can increase the pace on the gravel road the last one and a half kilometers to the finish line. The race is 11.7 km in total.

Click here to view the track on Google Maps.


Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ A small race with a unique atmosphere.

Toilets         : n/a
- No toilets at all, but for such a small race you just can't expect it.
+ The forest is huge, and peeing there is no stress.

Value for money : 5/5
+ 150 kr for late entry fee is a good price.
+ Cordial after the race.
+ Prizes for everyone.

Organising      : 4/5
+ Wonderful organisers made sure the race went smoothly.
- No website to find information about this race.

Race Timing     : 4/5
+ Manual timing, that was accurate.
+ Results were ready minutes after the last runner had finished.
- Without a website, and doing manual timing, the results were not online anywhere, before Kondis published them.

Track           : 5/5
+ Lovely gravel road (mainly).
+ Scenic.
+ KM signs every KM.
+ Two drinking stations.

OVERALL         : 4.6 / 5

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Kvinner 16-18 år:
  1. Jule Ensrud Trøsken IL                         56.34

Kvinner 23-34 år:
  1. Marthe K. Myhre Spkl  Vidar                    44.29
  Randi Lien Hæhre Team Hæhre                      (Brutt)

Kvinner 35-39 år:
  1. Adelheid Huuse Futt’n Fart Running Team      1.01.33

Kvinner 40-44 år:
  1. Åsta Skogan Bøe NOIL                           57.15

Kvinner 50-54 år:
  1. Trude Norma Hjelseng FIL Borg                1.23.45

Kvinner 60-64 år:
  1. Torill Skoglund Østre Toten                  1.11.08

Menn 12-15 år:
  1. Ole Haldor Ensrud Trøsken IL                   51.03

Menn 23-34 år:
  1. Eivind Haakenstad Godli Svea  Skilag           44.05
  2. Tom Erik Maast Lundin                          47.05
  3. Hans Marius Vestheim Team Gran Sport           51.41

Menn 35-39 år:
  1. Ronnie Frydenlund Hansen Raufoss               43.03
  2. Frode Klevstul Blodsmak Sportsklubb            53.14
  3. Per Ragnar Tuftin Søndre Røsby                 55.58

Menn 40-44 år:
  1. Knut Eraker Hole Hadeland FIK                  41.10
  2. Morten Nygård Privat                         1.04.27

Menn 45-49 år:
  1. Oddbjørn Homstvedt FIL Borg                    47.52
  2. Martin Bøe NOIL                                53.50

Menn 50-54 år:
  1. Jon Rørdam HSIL                                56.13
  2. Gudbrand Bjøralt Svea Skilag                 1.04.47

Menn 65-69 år:
  1. Bjørn Lauglo Stovnerkameratene                 53.26

Trim uten tidtaking:
  May Austbø
  Ivar Marius Nerby

Hoka One One
Time to fly!

This was also the race where I tried out moon boots for the first time, not the NASA version, but the Hoka One One : Bondi B, with the slogan "Time to fly". The shoes looks like 500g but weighs no more than 280g. The reason why I bought these monstrous shoes is to give my tibia some rest. I have to say that I was very positively surprised by the running experience these shoes gave me. The main advantage was going downhill. During the race a section of about 1 km was quite steep downhill. Normally my legs gets quite tired going fast downhill. This was not such a problem this time, as I did not feel the heavy impact from hitting the ground in "high" speed. I'm pretty sure these will be my shoes for next weekend's Vaffelgalopp as well.

And just to make it very clear: I am in no way sponsored by Hoka One One (I reckon I would have to "fly" heaps faster to get any running sponsors)!

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Dangerous mornings

Risky business!

Lately, while most of the city is deep asleep, I've jumped on my iron horse and cycled to work. To me much in life is a game, hence I've spent some time trying to find the fastest track, studying the map. Last week I managed to get my shorts (I never wear tights, not even on the iron horse) below 15 minutes. 14:11 to be exact. That felt fast, as I cycle through parts of the city with several busy crossings and several stop lights on my way. I considered leaving it there. However, over the weekend I decided to give it another go. I had done some minor adjustment to my 6.9 - 7.0 km route as well, and this morning I was ready for another "risky ride". And it was a good one; my new record is 12:47.

It is for sure possible to go faster, however most likely not without hazardous cycling (it's impossible to time it so there are no red lights and no traffic). This challenge has come to an end for me, as I am not willing to risk my health for a better time. I will not recommend anyone trying this either. A safer challenge is to cycle the other way around, as that is uphill and the speed is slower.

The rules I followed:
- It had to be a normal work day (public holidays there are less cars, hence easier).
- Start in between 06:30 am and 07:00 (earlier the better, as there are less cars).
- You have to ride a mountain bike, and not a road bike (road bikes are too fast).
- Start: Folke Bernadottes vei 2 - just outside the main entrance (start standing still).
- Stop: Vi-Tre Tobakk Frukt og Sjokolade, Tollbugata 8 (full stop, 2 m within range of front door).

Google thinks it takes 21 minutes...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Art of Running

How to run with the perfect stride and perfect finger movements.

Watch and learn, peeps!

As preserved for all eternity by photographer Runar Gilberg, Kondis. Shots shot during Menyløpet 2013.

"Fark, there goes my tibia..."