Thursday, 30 May 2013

SRM #355

Race #11 2013 - 6516m - 26:31 - Wednesday 29th of May

Two rounds
Did another double round this Wednesday. For the first time in ages I had a better feeling, and I did set a season's best. Still far behind my PB though.

Split times.

My leg is OK, but I do feel some slight pain now and then. It's hard holding back. I have a few races on my plate for the next period of days as well. Mainly hill races though, which are not that hard on my tibia.

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Planning to do Mistbergløpet on Saturday, Salomon Trail Tour on Monday, Rett til Værs on Tuesday and SRM on Wednesday.

On Friday I might also have a muscle up competition against Mr Daniel Franck (the machine, who will win very easily, unless something very unforeseen happens).

What else?
You can call me Narvestad. I've become the chairman of my housing cooperative.

I've also tried a new beer, the Tongerlo Prior Tripel. Not my cup of tea / beer, Proper Job stays as my favourite, along with Pauwel Kwak.

Prior Tongerlo Tripel



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