Thursday, 23 May 2013

SRM #354

Race #9 2013 - 6516m - 27:18 - Wednesday 22nd of May

Mr CB aka Mr Lund and Mr Me in a not too fortunate shot (photo stolen from Mr Ringom).

No improvement
Sognsvann Rundt Medsol's deal with the Gods of weather seems to be broken. For the second time in May, at least, there has been raining during this race that was previously known for it's brilliant weather. This Wednesday it started raining heavily as well. As heavily as I feel while running. No improvement from last week either.  Having said that, I'm still satisfied though. I can run and I don't feel much in my leg. The plan now is to charge my batteries, by doing some weight sessions, for Saturday's Grefsenkollen Opp, where I most likely once more will be beaten by Siri V, and assumingly Andreas G as well.

About lifting weights. There is no doubt that far too many runners lift far too little. Some strength training is important for everyone. Lifting too much though will only make you slower. At the moment I'm trying to lift as much as possible, and run faster. That is a difficult combination.

What else
I've been reading Daniel Suarez's books lately. Started with Daemon, continued with Freedom TM and have now almost completed Kill Decision. Loved the first two, and the third is an exciting read as well, despite of being more "Hollywoody".

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