Thursday, 16 May 2013

SRM #353

Race #8 2013 - 6516m - 27:12 - Wednesday 15th of May

Mr Me, Mr Bengt and Mr Vegar (photo by Mr Espen Ringom).

My first SRM in a few weeks (despite of when I did walk), and my first two-round this season (post fracture). Satisfied with the result, despite still feeling heavy while running, due to less running and more strength sessions over the last months.

Most of all, SRM is a very social race. The list of people doing this run is long. Christopher has mentioned some, and Espen has taken photos of even more.

After having been on 20-30 km a week lately, my plan is to start increasing now. Should be OK to run every second day. I might join Sk Vidar's sessions on Mondays, SRM on Wednesdays and Mr Pain's sprint sessions on Saturdays (unless there are any races on my schedule, which there quite frequently are). Next to this? The muscle factory, but of course! Six days a week, pumping iron ((:

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