Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Session 92

Mr Pain chills while Mr V does the drills (wow, a rhyme!).

Strong makes slow
Another Tuesday and another track session. Now that there are no one around that yells at me for not running any faster (Mr Pain is focusing on Mr V for now, yay), track session has actually become quite fun. I like the fact that running on a track is being very measurable. Of course, as long as you're outdoor's you have different conditions, like wind and rain, which might alter the equation. That aside, one 400m track is quite often very similar to other 400m tracks (despite of some very fast tracks). I try to run more these days, compared to previous weeks. At the same time I try to gain strength. Not easy at all. On Monday I did three squat sets of 100 kg x 6, which is a lot for being me (never been strong at squats). Hence my legs were slightly heavy this Tuesday. Strong makes slow, light makes fast, it seems like.

Did one more 500m this time than last session. Plan is to do 5 x 500m next week as well, then I'll increase the number of intervals, gradually.

Session 92 : 5 x 500m : Tue, May 28, 2013

Times: 1:45.4 - 1:39.6 - 1:37.4 - 1:38.2 - 1:37.1

"The Name of the Wind", as seen by Marc Simonetti.

What else?
Earlier this year I stopped watching "Justified" after just four episodes of season one. "The Sopranos" I stopped in the middle of season four. Those series were not my cup of tea, and life is too short for being bored. I finished "Boss" season 2, which is a great show. Next show coming up for me is "The Walking Dead" season 3. I do think I'll wait until the weather once more gets colder before starting that though.

I finished "Kill Decision" (view progress). Lost it towards the end, but was still an exciting read. I did prefer "Daemon" and "Freedom TM". Now I've started reading the works of a to me new author, namely Patrick Rothfuss. The fantasy book "The Name of the Wind" seems like a very interesting read, despite I've so far only finished 6% (view progress). This book might very well become a new "Lord of the Rings" experience to me. It might be hoping too much, but it has at least started off very nicely. Can't wait to read more of it.

Two bananas, two kiwis, two scoops of protein powder and some milk. The smoothie season has started. Cheers!

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