Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Session 90-91

From Japan to norwegian tartan, these shoes have done some travelling (src: morphogenetically).

It is hard staying away from the track. I've recently done two track sessions, for the first time since February. I have to go easy on my leg, but it is great fun. I seriously thought that my sprint project had come to an end, now I'm unsure. Maybe it's hard staying away because of my masochistic personality that thrives at the tartan surface?

Session 90 : 6 x 250m : Sat, May 18, 2013

Times: 46.7 - 44.1 - 45.8 - 42.4 - 39.7 - 43.4

Session 91 : 4 x 500 m : Tue, May 21, 2013

Times: 1:44.9 - 1:38.7 - 1:36.6 - 1:32.8

(Note: The Garmin Connect sessions are not made public, hence the links are not made clickable either.)

Read more about my previous track sessions here.

Mr V after his best 500m session, ever (src: morphogenetically).

What else? Daft Punk just released a new album. I love it! Listen to it on Spotify. My personal song is "Get lucky", because I'm up all night to get lucky...

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